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Caring for Gemstones

LAGOS gemstone pieces are crafted using the highest quality stones. LAGOS gemstones are not synthetic, and color variation within several shades is part of the individuality of the piece. Gemstones are softer than diamonds and can chip or scratch if not handled properly. Special attention in the care and cleaning of gemstone jewelry is required.

Over time, gemstones will build-up residue from daily wear.  Maintain your jewelry using the LAGOS Cleaners. Place your jewelry in the solution and brush lightly. Rinse under cool water and repeat as needed. Gently buff with soft cloth to dry. Be sure your piece is thoroughly dry before storing.

Here are helpful suggestions to keep your jewelry safe from wear and tear:

  • Always remove gemstone rings before washing your hands.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures when wearing your LAGOS gemstone jewelry.
  • Do not place gemstone jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. Do not steam-clean gemstones.
  • Do not use abrasive or household cleaners while wearing your gemstone jewelry.  Do not rub gemstones with an abrasive cloth.

For a minimal fee, you can send your LAGOS gemstone jewelry for a professional cleaning.

Please email with any questions.

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