Hoop earrings have played an important role in many cultures for thousands of years, symbolizing unity and strength. More than ever, they are having a major moment at LAGOS right now! With tons of styles, metals, stones and special LAGOS details (like 14K gold posts on EVERY PAIR), you’ll find your power pair right here.


Dainty Diamonds for Every Occasion

Do you save your luxury items for special occasions? Well, The Caviar Spark Hoop Earrings might change your view! Diamonds can be everyday wear, especially when they are paired with dainty sterling silver Caviar beads. Pop these on with your favorite blouse for an instant look, whether you’re off to a board meeting, grocery store or a night out with your special someone.


Big or Small, just GO FOR IT!

The classic gold hoop has received the LAGOS treatment! The Caviar Gold Hoop Earrings are available in 3 sizes (30mm, 50mm and 80mm diameters) and are solid 18K gold with a mobile Caviar beaded ball. As you’ve grown to expect, LAGOS spares no details and added a Caviar bead retainer to keep the ball on the hoop. With a size for every personality, anyone can indulge!

A little bit of happiness

When choosing a gift, jewelry is both easy and hard! For anyone on your list, the Signature Caviar Hoop Earrings are an easy way to please. Featuring a circle motif surrounded by sterling silver Caviar beads and accented with 18K gold, these small hoops are interesting and cozy. They’re the perfect price point to buy for all the lovely ladies in your life. What a better way than matching jewelry to feel close and connected with all your girlfriends?

No Nonsense!

Earlobe hugging hoops are a sensible way to rock hoop earrings, but sensible doesn’t have to mean boring! The Signature Caviar Hoop Earrings pump up the drama with super polished 18K gold with a row of sterling silver Caviar beads on each side. LAGOS really knows how to take a simple staple and give it inspired design details. These earrings are the perfect style and exceptionally crafted to be your go-to earrings for years to come.

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