A master jeweler and consummate problem-solver, Steven Lagos thrives on the challenges of design.  So it’s no surprise that our Black Caviar collection is one of our most beautiful and innovative.  Black Caviar is the result of over three years of design and craftsmanship expertise.

What makes Black Caviar jewelry so unique?  It’s made from a high-luster ceramic that is crafted like gold or silver and never loses its shine owing to the scratch resistant nature of the ceramic.  When asked about the new material, Steve acknowledged, “I love to experiment with texture, scale and color.  Ceramic opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.”

The ceramic is designed to form delicate beads which are then strung using an exceptional and unique technique known as nesting.  Nesting allows for the beads to rest snugly together to form a smooth rope-like strand that elegantly hugs the wrist.

This season the collection exudes confidence, polish and poise.  Each new piece features sterling silver and fine diamonds which create a striking contrast to the black Caviar beads.  When asked why this collection is so strong, Steve explains, “I suspect a lot of its success is due to the way Black Caviar makes women feel… it always feels right – wherever, whenever and whoever you are.”

This season’s new styles are instant classics, the collection features art deco-inspired earrings, rings, and pendants that can be easily worn with many of the other LAGOS collections.


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