Maintain Versatility to Two-Tone Styles

LAGOS pays homage to Old Hollywood and Art Deco styles with their two-toned collection! Using both sterling silver and 18K gold calls back to when fashion was dramatic and intentional. While two-toned jewelry is super trendy in 2020, the craftsmanship and classic designs will bring these pieces into the future and on through forever.

Quirky Style & Serious Quality

Flirty and fun, the Signature Caviar Front-Back Stud Earrings start with 18K gold Caviar beads for the stud, and finish with a sterling silver and 18K gold Caviar bead starburst pattern dangling just under your earlobe. LAGOS covered every detail, making the back adjustable to suit the shape of your earlobes and using 14K gold posts for your comfort. These are a dream to wear!

A Perfect Match in Smooth Gold

LAGOS has done something very special with the High Bar collection. The focus of these pieces is a station of highly polished 18K gold that is warm and inviting. While it is possible to just choose one piece from this collection, that’s hard to do when they are just so beautiful in a vignette. Check out the  Drop Earrings, Gold Cuff Bracelet and Caviar Pendant Necklace.

Crafted in a beautiful teardrop shape, each station is unique, inspired and intentional. The Drop Earrings feature an 18K gold teardrop station set in tight sterling silver Caviar beads, with a small gold stud and finished with 14K gold posts for comfort. The Gold Cuff Bracelet features two 18K gold teardrop stations at the opening, with two more 18K gold stations set into sterling silver Caviar beads and finished up with a sterling silver with a hinge clasp.

For a more dramatic look, the High Bar Caviar Pendant Necklace is so special, with elements and features exclusive to LAGOS. The teardrop 18K gold station is surrounded by sterling silver. Caviar beads are hung on a sterling silver chain that adjusts from 18” to 16”. Two heart links (one in 18K gold and the other in sterling silver) decorate the chain and two stations of 18K gold Caviar beads finish off the look.

A Ring in a Class all its Own

Ideal to wear with any other piece from the High Bar or Signature Caviar collections, the High Bar Gold Caviar Ring is truly a one-of-a-kind piece! With an eye-catching station of smooth 18K gold braced on each side by stations of sterling silver Caviar beads, looking away is sometimes not an option. This ring is the perfect gift – it’s fashion forward and is the LAGOS quality and craftsmanship that you trust.

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Dazzle in Diamonds

When it comes down to it, buying a diamond is a big deal. Not only will your LAGOS diamonds be passed down through generations, but they are a beautiful gemstone with a rich history. These beautiful gemstones call for a certain amount of respect and LAGOS has answered that call with several collections that feature one of our favorties. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, it’s time to cut this preamble short and get to the bling!


Get your diamonds in a row

The difference between a good outfit and a GREAT outfit is all in the accessories. The Caviar Spark Diamond Necklace is a godsend for those of us who want to look polished, but tend to have trouble with the details. The vertical diamond drop set in sterling silver will elevate anything you wear – even if you’re a devotee to the jeans-and-t-shirts community. If you want to kick it up another notch, LAGOS makes that easy – just pop on The Caviar Spark Drop Earrings! Vertical dropped diamonds set in sterling silver with the LAGOS standard 14K gold posts. So comfortable!


Divine Decadence, Darling

The Caviar Gold Diamond Tassel Necklace is a rare piece that adds immediate excitement to any ensemble! It is just about as decadent as they come, combining the LAGOS quality you’re used to with the unique and gorgeous designs that continue to shock and awe! Countless diamonds are set in 18K gold with gold tassels on an adjustable 18K gold chain. While you wear this necklace, LAGOS advises you to avoid mirrors unless you want to be stuck in admiration for eternity!


A multitasking ring with a killer work ethic!

One thing that LAGOS gets right every time is versatility. If you want to amplify your engagement ring, stack with your wedding band, wear with other LAGOS stacking rings, or just let this beauty do all the work, The Caviar Lux Diamond Stacking Ring  answers the call. This subtle sparkler has a pleasant weight to it and features sterling silver Caviar beads, 18K gold accents and rows of the highest quality diamonds. After all, you deserve a ring that works as hard as you do.

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Celebrate Spring in Classic Pearls

Pearls are a classic, timeless staple to every wardrobe and jewelry collection. LAGOS has so many options for you to find something that is true to your personal style, whether it’s something adventurous or the perfect pearl bracelet.

Treat Yourself with Something Special

At LAGOS, we think that you should be your own best friend and biggest fan. A beautiful ring is a symbol of personal growth, achievement and independence. Jewelry can mark important milestones, why not think of those when you wear The Luna Pearl Ring! This ring is simple, interesting and stunning. A substantial (9mm!) cultured pearl is set in sterling silver and embellished with 14K gold and sterling silver Caviar beads. Next time you’re reaching for the stars, LAGOS has your back!


Loop, Layer, and Love!

Start today with the timeless and breathtaking Luna Pearl Necklace: a necklace so beautiful you won’t want to take it off and conveniently perfect to wear every day. This beautiful 34” sterling silver necklace featuring freshwater Keshi pearls takes center stage on any neckline. It can be worn long or looped. Kick the style up a notch by layering this with another LAGOS favorite, like the Pearl Pendant Necklace for a swoon-worthy look!


Keep Building that Pearl Love

Late Spring is pearl season! With pearls being both a traditional graduation gift and the birthstone for June, it’s a perfect time to let LAGOS do the heavy lifting. This Pearl Necklace far surpasses a typical strand of pearls. Keshi freshwater pearls are highlighted by stations of sterling silver Caviar beads and clasps with a 14K gold and sterling silver lobster clasp ensuring that every inch of this 70” strand of pearls is dripping with decadence. Whether a gift for a high school graduate on the cusp of adulthood or a grand gesture for a June birthday, LAGOS pearls are sure to amaze.


Ordinary Won’t Do

Pearl earrings have been around – with the 17th century painting, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, the 20th century novel of the same name and the 21st century film and stage adaptations, it’s undoubtedly a piece of jewelry that has some power. The Luna Pearl Drop Earrings are unique and inspired. The one-of-a-kind piece starts with the 14K gold post (a MUST for those of us with metal sensitivities) and finishes with pearl drops – cultured pearls and 14K gold Caviar beads at the end of sterling silver links. A guaranteed head-turner, these earrings are always in style!

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From Our Founder Steven Lagos

A Father’s Day Message

My daughter Kate joined the company four years ago. Working with Kate has been a really great experience – she’s super creative, totally open-minded and brightens up any situation with her personality. I find I’m able to collaborate with her in a way that’s very different from anything I’ve ever done before. She inspires me. She challenges me. She calls me out like nobody else. We are able to bounce ideas off each other in a way that is unique to a father-daughter relationship.

Throughout my career, I have worked very hard building my business. When Kate was growing up, she was always in the background; watching, observing and experiencing the creative process. When she designed her first collection with me, we worked together in a way that was so natural. The most exciting part was to spend time together in a design environment and create something together. The KSL collection is really a manifestation of our collaboration and love.

To all the father’s out there, I wish you a very Happy Father’s Day.

-Steven Lagos


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The LAGOS Family Jewelry Box

We are taking a trip through the LAGOS family jewelry box with Kate Lagos! Read below for her quotes about each piece from the wonderful and diverse LAGOS collection.

“This piece is one of my favorites, as well as my grandmother’s who wore it all the time – so much the catch wore out and had to be updated 5 years ago. It’s one of the first gold pieces my father ever made. He was just learning the craft when my Grandfather commissioned him to make something special for her 46th birthday, in 1979. It’s made of solid 18k gold and you can feel the love. There are 8 links, each in a shape of lips; leaving her a wrist of kisses!”

“This piece is both a pin and an enhancer. It was one of my father’s first production pieces (he made about 35 of these in different colors). It’s made of 18 karat gold with a custom cut “sea-foam” aquamarine center stone. It also features pink tourmaline, blue sapphire cabochons and five diamonds. My grandmother, who we called yiayia (Greek for grandmother) would love to wear this piece as a pin on her coat collar. She also had the option to wear it as a necklace as it was designed to be clipped onto pearls (pictured) or worn on a flat gold chain. This was gifted to her for Christmas in 1983.”

“These bracelets are so fun! One of my father’s first signature pieces. The Wave bracelet. The Waves were created in 1985 and were the first pieces of LAGOS ever advertised in Town and Country magazine. These distinct bracelets were a huge hit. This was my father’s version of the popular “tennis bracelet” fad. The Wave was popular because of the dimension and texture it added to your wrist. They were available in 4 different color options, all in solid 18k gold. Over the years my father gifted my grandmother these one at a time, for different occasions. First the diamond wave, then emerald – which was her favorite stone – ruby as the third and finally blue sapphire to complete the set. All designed to be worn together. This was the beginning of the LAGOS stacking trend!”

Stay tuned and follow along on @lagos_jewelry on instagram for more stories and heirloom pieces of jewelry!

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Welcome Spring with our Turquoise Collection

Mother Nature is gearing up for full bloom as the vernal equinox approaches, and themes of rebirth and adventure are occupying the collective consciousness. Our turquoise collection has so many beautiful takes on this ancient gemstone that you will find the perfect piece (or pieces!) to accompany you during this time of renewal.

The statement ring that will make a statement. 

The Maya collection is PERFECT for dreamy turquoise, and the Circle Ring will broadcast the serenity and creativity that turquoise is known to promote. Varying in depth and tone, natural turquoise is so fascinating to examine, don’t be surprised to find yourself and others entranced with this beautiful gemstone nestled into sterling silver caviar beading.

Earrings that work as hard as you do

Gemstone Drop Earrings are a staple. With silver and gold caviar beading, they will add a touch of drama to your casual jeans and tshirt and amp up an evening look. The lever back closure is devastatingly comfortable, and will give you peace of mind that they are secure through conference calls, your yoga practice and beyond.

The MVP of your spring wardrobe

A caviar gemstone necklace is a subtle stunner – loop it to play up the pop of turquoise or layer with any of your favorite pendant necklaces The Elephant Pendant, maybe? Delicate caviar beads and sterling silver beading make this necklace as exciting as it is effortless.

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Create Your Own Look With Stacking Rings

What’s the best thing about stacking rings? You need more than one to do it right! We curated a collection of the most unique and exciting rings to be mixed, matched and shown off. Start with two and the rest will take care of itself.

Some stacks are easy, like the caviar lux diamond ring and the KSL Diamond ring. Both pieces feature 18K Gold caviar beading and diamonds, complimenting one another endlessly.

Some stacks are fun

The Gemstone Stacking Ring is such a fun piece. Choose Swiss blue topaz, white topaz, amethyst or green tourmaline and slip on the Caviar Gold Stacking Ring. Look at that pop!

X-treme stacking 

The KSL Gold Beaded X Ring is such a unique piece. It’s hard at first to figure out how you’ll stack it, until you notice the KSL Diamond Ring. The diamond encrusted pyramid shape nestles right inside the X and coordinating sterling silver and gold caviar beads tie them together perfectly.

And now, your homework: If you start with The Blue Caviar Diamond Stacking Ring, what’s next? Do you try to match the highly polished silver, diamonds, or contrast the beautiful blue ceramic caviar beads? The possibilities are endless.

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A Message From LAGOS Jewelry Founder Steven Lagos for Mother’s Day

A note from Steven Lagos, our Founder and Creative Director:

“This will be the first Mother’s Day without my Mom. She left in late February after a brief bout with brain cancer. She was 88 years young when she passed, and was vibrant and smiling until the end.

I miss her terribly. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about giving her a call or remember a fun moment we shared. In cleaning out her house we came across her jewelry box. You can imagine the collection she has. I first gave my mother a piece of jewelry for Mother’s Day in 1969, I was 12 years old. I can clearly remember going to the counter at Gimbels in Philadelphia and painstakingly selecting a “Sun” pendant made from base metal on a long chain – I think it cost me $12. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a long tradition of gifting her jewelry for every occasion for the rest of her life.

The interesting thing that struck me the most was this “Sun” was right at the very top of her jewelry box. It was carefully placed to be the first thing she saw. As you can imagine, her collection is the most extensive collection of LAGOS jewelry that I know of. Pieces from the very beginning with experimental forays made from silver flatware and turquoise to one-of kind pieces using rubies, emeralds and precious materials. Jewels created during my many years of mastering my skills and defining my style, it contained a physical evolution of my craft and history of my career. You need to understand, there are over 500 pieces in her collection, some costing tens of thousands of dollars and yet, there it was, this silly piece that she cherished and saw every time she opened the box. It completely reinforced my idea that a gift of jewelry is a very powerful thing.

Throughout the rest of this year, I am going to highlight some of the pieces in her collection, the occasions they marked and the stories they tell. I plan to share these exceptional (and not so exceptional) treasures through the eyes of my daughter Kate on Instagram.

I want to wish every Mom a happy Mother’s Day; and look forward to hearing from you soon. Stay tuned and be well.”

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This Mother’s Day show her she is Beloved

Mother’s day is one of our favorite holidays because it means celebrating the women we love. Our Beloved Collection includes many perfect gifts for the special women in your life. With hearts, locks & keys and engravable options, It’s easy to find a piece that symbolizes the deep and unique love you share.

Lock it up with Love

The Diamond Lock Earrings are breathtaking. Lock inspired diamond earrings set in 18 karat gold and sterling silver are meant to symbolize what we cherish and want to keep safe. While it’s true that they aren’t actually locked to your ear, they might as well be because she’ll never want to take them off.

The Key to Your Heart

Show your mom that you’ll always let her into your heart with the Key Pendant Necklace.

Delicate and attention grabbing, the intricate diamond pendant is set in sterling silver and complimented by Caviar beading. The pendant is adjustable to suit any neckline, and the timelessness of dainty jewelry will make this piece versatile and on point for years and years to come.

A gift today, tomorrow and forever

An easy, beautiful gift for yourself, your mother or someone else’s mother. The Diamond Necklace is a bestselling charmer and out-of-this-world versatile accessory staple. The 18K caviar beading highlighting the diamond heart pendant perfectly pairs with the Gold Beaded Caviar Studs, and many more coordinating pieces. Gifting a diamond necklace is simply a no-brainer.

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18K Gold Jewelry – A beautiful investment

Gold jewelry has long been seen as a staple in jewelry collections around the world. Admired for its beauty, but also for its value. Gold has maintained its desirability throughout the ages.

Gold has an interesting history, and has been used in fine jewelry for millennia. Some sources date its appearance in jewelry as early as 4000 B.C.

One of the reasons it has had such longevity is its inherent value. Oftentimes when the value of the dollar falls against other currencies, investors flock to the security of gold, which in turn, raises gold prices. In times of economic uncertainty, the price of gold soars. For example, gold climbed during the stock market crash of the early 2000s, when there was a 56% decline that lasted two full years. When economic conditions worsen, gold is viewed as an efficient tool for diversifying a portfolio.

A similar trend is emerging currently as our economy falters and unemployment levels are rising quickly. Bank of America raised its 18-month gold-price target to $3,000 an ounce – more than 50% above the existing price record. Now more than ever, the value of gold is evident and unassailable.

At LAGOS our pricing structure stays consistent. We have not raised retail prices on our designs amidst the rising price of gold.  LAGOS is committed to creating good value for our customers. Classic, fine jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also a great asset for the long term.

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