LAGOS Women: Meet Tylynn Nguyen

This fall we had the pleasure of getting to know Tylynn Nguyen, a glamourous and impressive woman.  Tylynn is an accomplished model, creative director, and designer for her eponymous lingerie line, Tylynn Nguyen, which she created to empower the classic and intelligent woman of today.

In addition, Tylynn is a mother of three young children who Tylynn describes as the driving force behind her successes and motivation.  Tylynn works diligently to leave a legacy for her children, and is a gleaming example of elegance and strength.

Her enviably chic life, style, and designs have been recognized by multiple online publications such as MyDomaine, Vogue, Coveteur, and Atelier Dore.

We sat down with Tylynn to learn more about her relationship with jewelry and what it means to her.

Can you share a special memory around a piece of jewelry and what that means to you?

Tylynn Nguyen: My wedding ring. I just adore my husband and my ring is a symbol of our undying love. It isn’t LAGOS but I do believe one buys jewelry to create lasting memories to wear and live on forever.

What about our LAGOS do you love the most?


Tylynn Nguyen: I love the consistency of the line and how feminine many of the pieces are without being overly delicate or fussy.  They work perfectly for any occasion or time of day.  It’s truly jewelry you can live in.

What does ‘My LAGOS My Way’ mean to you in terms of styling and wearing your jewelry?

Tylynn Nguyen: To me ‘My Lagos My Way’ means that you can wear the jewelry no matter what your personal style is.  It’s classic and beautiful and truly accentuates the personal taste of the person wearing it.

For more about Tylynn, her fashion line, and latest projects follow her at @tylynnnguyen.

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Say it with Silver…and 18K Gold!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between 18k gold and silver when it comes to your jewelry look. Sterling silver offers cool glamour while gold offers a classic allure that is undeniable. At LAGOS, we understand this decision is not one to take lightly. However, instead of picking silver or 18k gold, we designed two-tone jewelry pieces that blend both metals for a unique look that never compromises on style.

When you can’t decide between 18k gold or silver, a two-tone look is the way to go. Two-tone styles provide maximum versatility as they can be effortlessly paired with any of your other jewelry pieces. For a daytime look, a two tone caviar bracelet is the perfect accessory to add classic flair at the office. To take your look into evening, add a two-tone diamond necklace for a night on the town.

If you are aiming for a more subtle way to integrate both metals, try the caviar front-back earrings. With gold on one side and silver on the other, these stud earrings provide a unique and dramatic appeal. They offer ultimate versatility with our unique caviar beading. Pack them for any trip and you will be good to go no matter the occasion.

Two-tone jewelry offers a splash of warmth as 18k gold and sterling silver flawlessly mesh into a single piece. As gold and silver work together, they create a unique look that adds polish and glamour to any style. LAGOS has an extensive collection of two-toned pieces from bangles and cuffs to earrings and pendant necklaces.  Whether your style is more demure and classic or you like to be the talk of the town, there is a piece for you that mixes silver and 18k gold for the ultimate look in accessories.

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Introducing New Black Diamond Lux

This fall we’re taking glamour to a new level.  Our Diamond Lux collection is reinvented this season with new dramatic black diamonds.  It’s a collection that explores paradox.  Dark yet luminous, smooth yet faceted, these brilliant designs are unparalleled.

The pieces in this latest collection are hand-crafted using natural black diamonds.  Each diamond is beautifully polished and carefully faceted to reflect light.  The diamonds are framed by 18K gold and sterling silver Caviar beading which creates contrast and highlights the natural beauty of the diamonds.

The Diamond Lux collection can take you from day to night easily. The bracelets can be stacked and layered with all our other Collections, or worn individually for understated elegance.  The new rings are equally stunning styled solo or stacked together for added impact.  The new Diamond Lux necklace is a striking piece that is best styled alone, to truly let it’s beauty shine. Some of our favorite collections such as Black Caviar and 18k Gold complement this new collection. Essentially, there’s no wrong way to style it!

We love seeing how you wear your LAGOS, tag your Instagram photos with #MyLAGOSMyWay and follow along on our social channels for more of our latest collections.

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The Timeless Look of Silver

When it comes to creating a classic look, silver jewelry is the perfect accent to any style. Whether you are running errands around town but still want to look chic, or preparing for a big night out, sterling silver jewelry are the perfect accessory to complete your wardrobe.

Create A Fashion-Forward Look

While a single silver piece may seem classic, a more fashion-forward look is easy to achieve with some simple layering. With a versatile palette, stacking a silver bangle with a caviar cuff can pack a punch when paired with a simple tee and jeans. Or add a gemstone caviar bracelet and your silver bracelet stack is a perfect addition to a little black dress.

Travel In Style

Packing for a trip, whether business or pleasure, can be a bit daunting. When it comes to accessories, it is best to stick with a single palette and enjoy some versatility without overpacking. LAGOS silver jewelry adds just a little glamour without being too flashy throughout your travels. Grab a versatile pair of silver hoops to maintain your chic style and add a bold statement ring to be ready for a day of adventure or relaxing.

Dazzle Your Neckline

We all know that when it comes to making a statement, the right necklace can set the tone for your whole outfit. A silver pendant necklace can add a pop of color while maintaining flexibility in style. For a more classic look, pair silver with pearls for a necklace that can go from day to night in a snap.  Silver necklaces from LAGOS provide options for every neckline. Whether you are looking for a simple chain or a more dramatic pendant, a silver necklace is a fantastic way to add subtle glamour to every occasion.

Start your style with silver jewelry from LAGOS. With a variety of silhouettes, you are sure to find the look that is right for you. With extensive mix and match potential, sterling silver provides the perfect building blocks for a style that is all your own. Handcrafted caviar beading adds texture to a simple finish to create an intriguing look that is far beyond basic.


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Diamonds & Caviar: A Luxe Combination

Diamonds & Caviar: A Luxe Combination

Caviar jewelry from LAGOS are incredibly versatile. Whether you are in jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress, a signature caviar bracelet can pull an entire outfit together. The intricately beaded design creates a look that can be layered or worn separately while creating a style that is uniquely yours.

Whether your personal style includes sterling silver, 18k gold, or a mixture of both, LAGOS features bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings to complement your daily look. For those days where you are looking to add a little more sparkle to your life, add some diamonds to your caviar for a more glamourous look.

Diamond caviar jewelry rises to whatever occasion may cross your path. From a night on the town to an important meeting, the combination of diamonds and caviar seamlessly blends casual chic with uptown glamour. Slip on the Caviar Spark stacking ring for just a hint of sparkle throughout your day, or go bold with a Signature Caviar diamond pendant necklace.

Casual Glamour

Who says diamonds should be reserved for special events? Don’t save your sparkle. Wear it proudly with these more casual options that join diamonds and caviar in an immensely versatile way.

The Caviar Gold stacking ring can be layered with your favorite pieces to create an edgier look or worn alone for a delicate finishing touch. This simple band is the perfect way to add some elegance to the simplest of days.

If you want a bolder look that can still be worn with a plain t-shirt, the Diamonds & Caviar diamond cuff bracelet adds some intrigue in the form of gold, silver and diamonds all in one streamlined piece. A seamlessly integrated hinge clasp makes it easy to add this bracelet to your look as you walk out the door

Bold Statements

Caviar and diamonds also complement your fancy nights out. With the highest quality of materials and intricate styling, diamond caviar jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect partner for a cocktail dress or evening gown.

The classic silhouette of the Caviar Spark Diamond Necklace provides some glimmer while being versatile enough for almost any neckline. This glamourous necklace features sterling silver caviar beading accented with the highest quality center diamonds. Paired with the Caviar Spark diamond drop earrings, your look is sure to be the talk of the town.

No matter your style, diamond jewelry is always the answer. Diamonds combined with caviar jewelry is sure to elevate your look and create a style that is all your own. For the latest in diamond and caviar jewelry, browse the collection today.

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Introducing KSL

A First Look At The Latest Designs
kate shares lagos

KSL is the latest innovative collection to be introduced by LAGOS, a special collection with a story to match. KSL stands for Kate Shares Lagos the twenty-something daughter of designer Steven Lagos.  This unique collection is the result of a design collaboration between father and daughter which melds the modernity of Kate’s taste with the prolific skill of Steven Lagos.

The designs present a youthful approach to the brand’s classic Caviar jewelry designs and introduces LAGOS to a new generation of smart, confident women.

ksl new bracelets

Kate has grown up surrounded by jewelry design so it comes as no surprise she wanted to test her skills.  In addition to her role as jewelry designer, Kate is a brand stylist for LAGOS.  Her fast-paced days are spent moving between photo shoots, styling sessions and of course influencing the latest designs.

When it comes to design, Kate and Steven had nocitrine and two tone stacking rings trouble finding a way to work together. “Like all of our customers, Kate knows what she likes and has a defined personal style,” says Steven Lagos. “KSL reflects her refreshing point-of-view, resulting in a look and silhouette that we haven’t explored before.”

ksl diamond rings

Kate had no lack of inspiration for this most recent collection, one key source was travel.  Between people watching and unique architecture of each place she visits she draws new ideas to share with Steven.  Her favorite piece are the spikey hoop earrings, which add some attitude to any look from polished to playful.  In the words of Kate, “KSL is my personal take on our iconic Caviar designs and my contribution to the mix.”  Whether you are looking for an edgy statement ring or some simple pyramid studs, the KSL collection gracefully melds classic caviar jewelry with a more modern take.

To learn more about Kate and to view the collection follow along on Instagram @lagos_jewelry or visit

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The New Cuff: Signature Caviar Designs for the Season Ahead

Designer Steven Lagos approaches jewelry design with the guiding principal of form follows function.  Each piece comes to life through a thoughtful process of creating jewelry that can be comfortably worn every day.  Our new cuff style is one of our latest styles that is a result of creating a bracelet that is as beautiful as it is easy to wear.

The new cuff bracelet is an endlessly stylish silhouette that has been reimagined with our classic Caviar texture.  Each bracelet cuff is capped with the highest quality gemstones.  The gemstones are cut and polished with intricate facets or a high-dome cabochon to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

This Fall LAGOS is introducing a new two-tone style with a stunning gold cap, perfect to complement your LAGOS bracelet stack.  The two-tone cuff is an essential piece to add to your LAGOS collection and an easy piece to style and wear every day with silver or gold (or both!)

The new cuff style is a part of our Signature Caviar collection.  The Signature Caviar collection embodies our most iconic designs.  The Caviar beading of each design brings a luminosity to the jewelry, creating a lasting shine that is both captivating and wearable.  This season the Signature Caviar collection introduces several new earring styles and a crossover statement ring.  For style inspiration and a preview of our newest collections follow along on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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All About Rings

Gone are the days when your ring finger is the only one that deserves any decoration.  The latest trend in jewelry is stacking rings so it’s time to embrace all 10 or your perfectly manicured pointers.  Stacking rings are one of the easiest jewelry trends to embrace simply because there is no wrong way to style a stack.  Still not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired.

  • Play with texture and size. Sometimes mixing metals can be a challenge, so start by just picking one, either silver or gold, and playing with the textures or size of the rings you are stacking.
  • Play with color. Another way to create an interesting look is to keep the size of your stacking rings similar and vary the gemstones you style into the stack.  The more the merrier so stack as many on you like on one finger or spread your rings out over 3 or 4 to vary your look.
  • Make a statement. Sometimes one statement ring isn’t enough.  Stand out and your next event by styling multiple statement rings.  Picking colors that are complementary to your look will pull everything together.
  • Mix and match. Try layering stacking rings with other larger gemstone rings to create unique stacks.  Different looks can be created by styling these two different types of rings together.

Try one of our tips?  Share your style us by tagging #MyLAGOSMyWay on Instagram or tagging us on Facebook.  Still need to work on your ring collection? Check out some of our top styles here.

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