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Introducing KSL

KSL is the latest innovative collection to be introduced by LAGOS, a special collection with a story to match. KSL stands for Kate Shares Lagos the twenty-something daughter of designer Steven Lagos.  This unique collection is the result of a design collaboration between father and daughter which melds the modernity of Kate’s taste with the prolific skill of Steven Lagos.

The designs present a youthful approach to the brand’s classic Caviar jewelry designs and introduces LAGOS to a new generation of smart, confident women.

Kate has grown up surrounded by jewelry design so it comes as no surprise she wanted to test her skills.  In addition to her role as jewelry designer, Kate is a brand stylist for LAGOS.  Her fast-paced days are spent moving between photo shoots, styling sessions and of course influencing the latest designs.

When it comes to design, Kate and Steven had no trouble finding a way to work together. “Like all of our customers, Kate knows what she likes and has a defined personal style,” says Steven Lagos. “KSL reflects her refreshing point-of-view, resulting in a look and silhouette that we haven’t explored before.”

Kate had no lack of inspiration for this most recent collection, one key source was travel.  Between people watching and unique architecture of each place she visits she draws new ideas to share with Steven.  Her favorite piece are the spikey hoop earrings, which add some attitude to any look from polished to playful.  In the words of Kate, “KSL is my personal take on our iconic Caviar designs and my contribution to the mix.”  Whether you are looking for an edgy statement ring or some simple pyramid studs, the KSL collection gracefully melds classic caviar jewelry with a more modern take.

To learn more about Kate and to view the collection follow along on Instagram @lagos_jewelry or visit LAGOS.com.

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The New Cuff: Signature Caviar Designs for the Season Ahead

Designer Steven Lagos approaches jewelry design with the guiding principal of form follows function.  Each piece comes to life through a thoughtful process of creating jewelry that can be comfortably worn every day.  Our new cuff style is one of our latest styles that is a result of creating a bracelet that is as beautiful as it is easy to wear.

The new cuff bracelet is an endlessly stylish silhouette that has been reimagined with our classic Caviar texture.  Each bracelet cuff is capped with the highest quality gemstones.  The gemstones are cut and polished with intricate facets or a high-dome cabochon to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

This Fall LAGOS is introducing a new two-tone style with a stunning gold cap, perfect to complement your LAGOS bracelet stack.  The two-tone cuff is an essential piece to add to your LAGOS collection and an easy piece to style and wear every day with silver or gold (or both!)

The new cuff style is a part of our Signature Caviar collection.  The Signature Caviar collection embodies our most iconic designs.  The Caviar beading of each design brings a luminosity to the jewelry, creating a lasting shine that is both captivating and wearable.  This season the Signature Caviar collection introduces several new earring styles and a crossover statement ring.  For style inspiration and a preview of our newest collections follow along on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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All About Rings

Gone are the days when your ring finger is the only one that deserves any decoration.  The latest trend in jewelry is stacking rings so it’s time to embrace all 10 or your perfectly manicured pointers.  Stacking rings are one of the easiest jewelry trends to embrace simply because there is no wrong way to style a stack.  Still not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired.

  • Play with texture and size. Sometimes mixing metals can be a challenge, so start by just picking one, either silver or gold, and playing with the textures or size of the rings you are stacking.
  • Play with color. Another way to create an interesting look is to keep the size of your stacking rings similar and vary the gemstones you style into the stack.  The more the merrier so stack as many on you like on one finger or spread your rings out over 3 or 4 to vary your look.
  • Make a statement. Sometimes one statement ring isn’t enough.  Stand out and your next event by styling multiple statement rings.  Picking colors that are complementary to your look will pull everything together.
  • Mix and match. Try layering stacking rings with other larger gemstone rings to create unique stacks.  Different looks can be created by styling these two different types of rings together.

Try one of our tips?  Share your style us by tagging #MyLAGOSMyWay on Instagram or tagging us on Facebook.  Still need to work on your ring collection? Check out some of our top styles here.

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Steven Lagos: Treasure Hunter

Designer Steven Lagos has a passion for gemstones and gemstone jewelry.  He travels all over the globe searching for the most beautiful gemstones that best help tell the story of his designs.  Creating jewelry designs inspired by nature and the earth’s elements is not as easy as it might seem.  Behind each stunning stone is a method and a story.

Steven Lagos refers to himself as a ‘Treasure Hunter’ when it comes to finding the perfect gemstone.  As gemstones are made in nature they can be a very unpredictable medium to work with.  Each year Steve travels the globe to meet with local artisans who specialize in gemstones specific to that area of the world.  Discovering what is available each season takes skill and a keen eye for quality. As Steve explains, “Everything we use is real. We’re subject to what’s coming out of the mines in the quantities and sizes that we need. That creates a whole other layer and mystery to the product.”

After finding the right stones for each collection Steve gets to work on creating gemstone jewelry designs that highlight and incorporate the natural beauty of the pieces he has found.  Oftentimes the right gemstone can inspire an entire design whether it be a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, as Steve works to create art around the stone rather than forcing it into an existing piece. This results in the unique and truly original jewelry collections that are released each season.  The hunt never stops for Steve, which is why every year LAGOS is able curate new collections full of exciting designs.

Check out the video for more on the LAGOS philosophy on gemstones.

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The Wanderlust Collection

Designer Steven Lagos loves to travel.  This incurable wanderlust was the inspiration behind his most recent collection. Taking cues from the name, the Wanderlust Collection is an exploration of gemstones from around the world.   Many of the locations Steven Lagos has visited are represented in these exclusive designs.

The earrings and necklaces that make up the collection are all created with specific gemstones in mind.  In the words of Steven Lagos, “When we’re selecting stones, I’m always fascinated by color first. I don’t really think about it in a traditional sense. When I’m working on a piece, perhaps you can come up with a color that’s unexpected or has a bit of matrix to it that gives it more interest. “ It’s this attitude toward color that truly guides this collection. It features deep violet iolite from India, rhodolite from Brazil, Burma and Africa, and the exceptionally rare Tsavorite, which can only be found in Tsavo National Park in Tanzania.  These stones are gracefully brought together in complementary color designs to conjure different locales.

The first design brings together the warm reds which echo fine vintage wines.  It uses smoky quartz, diamonds, citrine, garnet and rhodolite gemstones to create a dramatic color palate of the Far East.

A second design brings together the cool blues of the ever shifting Caribbean Sea.  Gemstones such as Blue topaz and sapphire evoke the brilliant blue of a coral atoll and the sparkling shallows of sandy beaches.

The third design in the collection pulls together majestic purples gemstones. The striking royal purple and pale, dawn-light lavender of amethyst, peridot, blue topaz, and lemon quartz gemstones evokes mountain ranges in midsummer.

These unique pairings are exclusive to LAGOS.com and completely one-of-a-kind.  Each gemstone was hand selected to create a design entirely its own.  No two designs are the same and only a limited quantity were created, certainly a must have items for the gemstone connoisseur.  Check out the full collection here.

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Up Close With Gold

The Caviar Gold Collection

stacking bracelets 18k gold lagos jewelry

At LAGOS craftsmanship, quality and beautiful design are some of our top values.  When it comes to creating each new collection, the quality of our materials is a key element of what makes LAGOS so special.  Our Caviar Gold Collection is no exception, each design element is carefully considered to ensure the material and color are unsurpassed.

Our gold styles are crafted in 18K gold, a material that is equal parts luxurious and wearable. The color, the luster, the texture are hallmarks of the LAGOS design details. Each style is wearable sculpture that becomes a second skin to be styled confidently every day.

18k gold necklaces pendants stud earrings lagos jewelry

Designer Steven Lagos specifically chose the subtle shade because it perfectly complements all skin tones and pairs well with our sterling silver and two-tone designs.  It was a natural choice to guarantee that all pieces from any of our collections can be mixed, matched and stacked together.  It’s how we make sure you can wear Your LAGOS, Your way.

Each piece in our collection is created with our signature Caviar beading, proprietary to the brand.  Many of our collection pieces are created with a technique called ‘nesting’.  This is a specific way of placing the Caviar beads so that they nestle together for a design that is both strong, fluid and comfortable to wear.

Of course, since gold is a natural element it requires some care to maintain its natural shine.  Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals when wearing any of your LAGOS Caviar Gold Collection.  For those rare times when you aren’t wearing your favorite design, store it in your LAGOS pouch.

We love seeing how you wear your favorite LAGOS pieces.  Share your style with us by tagging @lagos_jewelry or using the hashtag #MyLAGOSMyWAy in your social posts.

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Perfectly Packable


getaway glam chic styles for your summer escape

Summer travel is almost in full swing. Whether you are headed to the beach for the weekend or going on a European adventure, it is important to plan ahead. Writing down your essentials will not only ensure you bring everything you need, but also prevent any impulsive last minute additions.

When it comes to your accessories, remember that less is more. The perfect jewelry must be light, comfortable, and transition easily from day-to-night. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that are perfect for your summer getaway. Sterling silver Rare Wonder pendants paired with lightweight lapis drop earrings are easy to wear and won’t weigh down your carry-on.

lapis designer summer drop earrings ideal for travel

A pop of color like this brilliant blue turquoise Maya ring won’t take up much space and it will make a statement with the neutral clothing you’ll be packing.

turquoise gemstone statement ring

Show us what LAGOS pieces you are taking on all of your summer travels using #MyLAGOSMyWay. We cannot wait to see what amazing trips you have planned for this season.

Need some jewelry inspiration for your packing list?  Keep your eyes on our Instagram, throughout the summer we will be sharing our favorite accessories and more!


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Royal Wedding Approved

Jewelry for the Wedding of the Season

In honor of the Royal Wedding we sat down with Jenna Colgrove of the fashion blog Visions of Vogue to get her take on the event.  Jenna is a self-proclaimed, “sucker for all things Royal” and cannot wait to see the dress Meghan Markle chooses to walk down the aisle.   Ahead of the big day Jenna is wearing some of her favorite LAGOS pieces to celebrate the glamour of the day.

Meghan Markle is the ‘California cool’ American actress joining the Royal family this spring and she has a style that celebrates her roots.  Taking notes from Meghan’s style Jenna chose to mix pieces from two of our most luxe collections: Diamond Lux and Caviar Spark.  These collections feature diamonds and caviar beading set in a classic design. Each piece is a beautiful nod to traditions, made for celebrating milestones and passing down jewelry from one generation to the next.

Jenna chose the Diamond Lux Diamond Ring and Diamond Lux Bracelet as traditional styles perfect for bride or wedding guest alike.  To add a bit of modern styling to her look Jenna added several pieces from the Caviar Spark Collection.  She wears the Caviar Spark Diamond Bracelet alongside her Diamond Lux piece.  For necklace she keeps it simple with a Caviar Spark Diamond Necklace and of course, drop earrings.

While Jenna may not be on the guest list you can be sure she’ll be tuning in on May 19th to watch the Royal Nuptials, wearing her favorite LAGOS pieces of course!

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actress and influencer denise vasi styles her favorite lagos jewelry just in time for mothers day

It’s no surprise that actress Denise Vasi captures the spirit of the LAGOS woman.  She credits her confidence and great attitude towards hard work, and remembering that sometimes the effort is more important than the outcome.  She also takes pride in raising her kind and thoughtful little girl which is why we were drawn to her for Mother’s Day.  Not only is Denise stunning inside and out but she has a classic style that is all her own.  Read below for more about Denise, her daughter, and her philosophy on accessories.

Denise Vasi is an American actress and fashion model that lives in Venice, California and Brooklyn, New York with her husband Anthony and daughter Lennox Mae. She is currently in the process of creating a platform to share her story, style advice and provide a network for all moms. We were excited to work with Denise and her daughter to see their favorite LAGOS designs for Mother’s Day.

denise vasi

“I love accessories! They tie together your outfit. Some people look at jewelry as this secondary step when getting dressed. For me, my accessories help tell the full story.”

Denise describes her favorite LAGOS piece as a tie: “I love the structured Caviar bracelets, but I also really love the Caviar stackable rings with those delicate center stones. Stacks on stacks on stacks!” Her Mother’s Day selection of classic Caviar bracelets paired with the new diamond Caviar cuff and 18k gold stretch bracelet creates an effortless statement stack.

Denise’s selection of diamonds, Caviar and 18k gold make a perfect present for Mother’s Day. The idea gift should be easy-to-layer, every day pieces that she will truly make her own. Don’t forget the Kinder pearl bracelet for the little one.

Learn more about Denise in her recent My Domain feature.

See more of Denise’s style on Instagram.


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Engraved Jewelry Gifts


Jewelry is a unique and personal keepsake. Personalizing a jewelry gift is a way to make each piece even more special, just like the wearer.

exclusive engraving gifts for mothers day

At LAGOS, personalize the perfect gift with our exclusive engraving. With over 80 styles to choose from, you can find the ideal style for your loved one and make it extra special with a monogram, special date, phrase, or initials.

new locket pendants


Before choosing your custom engraving, start with the perfect style. Our engraving styles include chic bracelet styles from several collections including Black and White Caviar, Diamond Lux, and our Signature Caviar collection.

In addition to bracelets, LAGOS also offers seven locket necklace styles and two signet rings.


engraving bracelet styles

Once you select your style, select from three engraving options. The first custom option allows you to enter up to 3 initials. We love this as a gift to a new mother with her child’s initials, or a bride-to-be with her new last name. You can also mix our symbols like the heart, ampersand or plus sign with one initial.

Another option is a date. This is perfect to celebrate an anniversary, graduation, or birthday.

Lastly, you can also choose between five phrases to customize your gift: Love, Hope, Wish, Dream or XO.  These phrases are perfect to celebrate a new job, engagement, or just to show your love.

signet rings exclusive


In addition to initials, our exclusive Signet Rings allow you to engrave a custom monogram. This makes a sweet Mother’s Day gift, as well as a special present for a bride to give her bridal party.


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