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Make it Personal with Custom Engraving

The best way to give an awesome gift? Personalize it!  LAGOS now offers some great engraving options with all new styles and designs.  A gift with engraving shows not only that you chose a gorgeous piece of jewelry but that is also uniquely for them. We’ve highlighted a few different types of engraving and gifting ideas below.

The most classic option is to go with a monogram. Engraving someone’s initials offers a timeless option that will stand up to trends and make for a wonderful memento for years to come.  They make a great option for a newlywed with new initials or for all of your closest girlfriends.

Another great way to make your jewelry special is to use a date. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, it’s a great way to signify and remember a special time and occasion.

The newest addition to the LAGOS engraving options are special symbols.  From a star or moon to a cross or heart, there is a symbol that is perfect for any occasion.  Choose a zodiac symbol for a birthday gift or a flower for your favorite gardening enthusiast.  Symbols are a fun way to go beyond classic monograms and dates, the perfect upgrade for someone who has it all!

For more engraving ideas and a personalized shopping experience be sure to reach out to our customer care team.  After all, A little extra thought and time can turn an amazing gift into the best gift!

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Sweater Weather: It’s Time to Layer!

The warm days are fading, and we are starting to feel the chill in the air. Soon we will be breaking into our winter wardrobes for sweaters, scarves and boots. And just like any other wardrobe, it’s time to switch up your jewelry as well.  Sweaters offer the perfect canvas to layer long necklaces and chains to create a sophisticated and stylish look.

If layering a long necklace over a sweater is new to you, start simple. The Gold Link Necklace is the perfect start to a classy autumn look. 18K gold links form this versatile Caviar necklace. With an 18 inch length, this is the perfect necklace for layering over a turtleneck or crew neck sweater.

Another long necklace option is the Tassel Pendant Necklace. The extra long 36 inch chain drops the 18k gold and sterling silver to a dramatic length that effortlessly makes a subtle statement. Easily paired with a variety of necklines, this pendant can punch up even the simplest of fall wardrobes.

As we head into fall, it is easy to slip into more of a muted wardrobe with rich browns and dramatic blacks. What better way to punch up a blank canvas than a gemstone necklace from Caviar Color. Available in a variety of different gemstones, you can find a necklace that features deep blue or regal purple. The gemstones mix flawlessly with sterling silver caviar beading. With 34 inches of necklace to work with, you can choose to wear it extra long and draped or wrap around your neck for a more dramatic look.

No matter your fall fashion style, LAGOS has a variety of necklace options that are sure to please. Long necklaces are especially key for autumn as they layer over sweaters, under scarves, and tuck neatly into coats. Take a look at our long necklace collection now and find the look that is right for you.

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Make Your Fingers Sparkle this Fall

As the weather cools and we start to wear more layers, rings are the perfect way to add a little sparkle. A single ring has the ability to add major drama or subtle sophistication depending on your style.

For a simple yet classy look, a Diamond Stacking Ring decorated with signature sterling silver Caviar beading. This sparkly style can be worn alone for a slight hint of glimmer or stacked with other styles to create a unique look that matches your personality and wardrobe.

If an edgier look is more your vibe, try out the Diamond X Ring. Diamonds, 18k gold, and sterling silver flawlessly blend to create a ring that is truly exceptional. With mixed metals, this piece is the perfect addition to any jewelry repertoire. Stand out with its unique design and highest quality stones and metals.

Enjoy a bolder look with gemstones and diamonds. Stick with a classic silhouette but punch up your look with a Gemstone Diamond statement ring. From pink and blue to black and white, there is a color way that suits your needs and style. A large gemstone is flanked by the highest quality of diamonds and signature Caviar beading in 18K gold.

Just because the weather is cooler, doesn’t mean your style can’t remain hot. Check out our collection of rings to find the perfect fit for your fingers this fall. All styles feature signature caviar beading for a look that is stylish all year round.

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Dazzle in the Colors of Autumn

The crisp breeze of an autumn evenings will soon be upon us, autumn is coming. As we put away our swimsuits and sundresses and get ready for cooler weather, our jewelry will transition from light and bright to something that compliments thick sweaters and many layers of our wardrobe.

Gemstone jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect way to continue utilizing color while giving a nod to the changing foliage. Warm tones in red, orange and brown are sure to make any basic sweater pop.

Get Creative with Citrine
Symbolizing creativity and clarity, citrine offers a bright pop of orange that is perfect for a fresh fall day. The Caviar Color Citrine necklace is a perfect layering piece that can be styled with your favorite sweater. Stay warm as the weather changes while basking in the brightness of the rich citrine gemstones. Sterling silver Caviar beading is sure to match flawlessly with any other Caviar jewelry piece. This layering style offers ultimate flexibility to wear as a single strand or double wrap around your neck for a more dramatic look.

Mystify In Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz has been known for centuries for promoting harmony and peace. Coming off summer is the perfect time to center yourself for the busy season ahead. This rich golden brown gemstone is sure to turn heads as it provides a truly unique look. Depending on the light, Smoky Quartz can take on tones of amber and sienna. The gemstone caviar bracelet in Smoky Quartz is perfect to style over long sleeves. The intricate caviar beading offers subtle sparkle while a streamlined design provides a pop of color that will not go unnoticed.

Stay Positive with Garnet
Long believed to bring positive energy, garnet brings revitalizing properties and is thought to assist with self-confidence. Put your best foot forward with a pair of garnet drop earrings. Intricately beaded gemstone tassels are the perfect accent from day to night. During the cooler months, earrings offer the most flexibility to layer with scarves, coats, or turtleneck sweaters. The deep red garnet gemstones provide a glint of color that will carry your wardrobe from fall all the way through the holidays.

To find the gemstone that is right for you, check out our gemstone finder. Explore the various unique and colorful options that will add a pop to your Autumn wardrobe while creating a timeless look that is perfect all year round.

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Fashion Meets Function

At LAGOS, we understand the need for jewelry to be fashionable as well as functional. The Smart Caviar bracelet collection helps you remain stylish while wearing your Apple Watch.  We fully support those ladies on the go who need a chic way to wear their latest tech timepiece.

Turn your Apple Watch into a beautiful piece of jewelry with our Smart Caviar watch bracelets. These bracelets make an Apple Watch a wonderfully crafted work of art. Available in a variety of metals and finishes, you can choose the look that matches your personality and wardrobe.

Our new stainless steel options offer clean lines and durability, while the diamond watch bracelets add glamour for a night out full of complements. No matter the finish, signature caviar beading is sure to make a splash and elevate your watch look from basic to breathtaking.

For the LAGOS lover, the watch bracelet is designed to match any piece in your existing collection. Caviar beading on the band stacks perfectly with any of our existing and new collections. Mix and match metals and gemstones and be ready to have the best looking bracelet stack around.

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Make it an Arm Party!

Sometimes it can be daunting to put together a whole jewelry look from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings. However, at LAGOS, we know you can make an impact by just sticking with one! All our pieces are designed to be layered as desired or worn alone and still make a statement.

Our bracelet collection is the perfect way to punch up your look without being overwhelmed! Our first suggestion is to start with the basics. A classic link bracelet is the perfect foundation for your arm party. Available in gold or silver, you can find the tone that is right for you and matches the rest of your jewelry repertoire.

For those looking to achieve something a little more lively, a bangle is the perfect way to add a pop of color. Available in a variety of gemstones and hues, the bangle adds subtle color without being overpowering to your whole bracelet look.

The rope bracelet silhouette is one of our most classic caviar designs. Intricate caviar beading available in gold, silver or two tone offers sizing and finishes for every one! Keep it traditional and subtle with gold or silver, or add a little edge to your look with a black caviar rope bracelet.

No matter your style, our bracelet collection is sure to provide a design that matches your desired look. Layer with other bracelets or wear alone and we know you will find an arm party that is sure to impress no matter the occasion.

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It’s here, the second generation of our popular Smart Caviar collection is launching today.  The new Smart Caviar collection offers a set of distinct, luxe bracelets that help transition the sporty look of the Apple Watch® to a piece of fine jewelry. Naturally the new design has our signature Caviar beading and is designed for a modern lifestyle.

The new set of distinct, luxe bracelets are available in stainless steel and stainless steel and 18K gold. These new versions join the already popular sterling silver with diamond bands introduced last year.

Smart Caviar is designed for the modern woman. The lightweight, durable bracelet is versatile enough for every day wear and adds effortless style whether at work, at the gym, or at a formal function. The ease and practicality of a stainless steel bracelet is matched by the style and sophistication of LAGOS’ signature Caviar designs.

Every year we continue to seek out clever design solutions that go beyond expected materials traditionally found in fine jewelry.  The stainless steel is strong and durable with a fine jewelry finish that fits the LAGOS woman’s busy lifestyle.

“I love exploring different materials to bring beautiful and functional solutions to our customers,” said LAGOS Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos. “With Smart Caviar, women can benefit from the functionality of the Apple Watch® without sacrificing their personal style.”

Smart Caviar is designed with the same fine craftsmanship that defines LAGOS jewelry and the ease of wear that makes it perfect for every day. The bracelets slip easily in and out of the Apple Watch® face and come with a sizing tool and extra links to ensure a comfortable fit.

Steven Lagos was one of the first to create the “Designer Fine Jewelry” category when he launched LAGOS more than 40 years ago. Since its inception, the brand has continued to look for ways to innovate its Caviar creations. Smart Caviar is the next evolution of the iconic design while remaining true to the original LAGOS values: integrity, intelligence, and innovation.

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The Fall 2019 Collections

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Fall Season

Shop our latest arrivals like the new stainless steel Smart Caviar bracelets, 18K gold and stainless steel or diamond styles. Explore the new diamond and onyx Maya designs.


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Discover the Sparkle of Caviar Spark

To create something truly special, LAGOS has combined signature caviar beading with the unlimited sparkle of diamonds. This one-of-a-kind collection is known as Caviar Spark and has quickly become one of our most popular collections. Due to its popularity, we are releasing some exclusive style available only to those that shop directly on LAGOS.com.

Pairing diamonds with sterling silver caviar beading leads to some of the illuminous designer jewelry that you have ever seen.  Using the highest quality diamonds with bright sterling silver, Caviar Spark has become the epitome of luxury.

Offered as an exclusive to our direct customers, the Diamond Pendant Necklace features a round diamond pendant framed by signature sterling silver caviar beading. Finished with a 16-18 inch caviar beaded chain, this necklace is perfect over a casual sweater or paired with a little black dress for cocktail hour.

For those looking to make more a subtle splash, the Caviar Spark diamond stacking ring is the perfect choice. This delicate ring provides just a hint of shimmer with 5 diamonds flanked by sterling silver caviar beading. Worn alone or stacked with other rings allow you to create a diamond look that is all your own.

For a bolder look, try a statement diamond ring, exclusively available on LAGOS.com. This gorgeous ring features over 1.5 carats of diamonds surrounded by sterling silver caviar beading. The circular shape is sure to catch the light and other people’s eyes!

Show your inner sparkle with Caviar Spark! With exclusive designs only available on LAGOS.com, you are sure to find a piece that matches your unique personality

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Dazzle in Gold this Fall

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are one of the biggest trends for fall. They are anything but boring and simple. They aren’t as fancy as a diamond ring or a pearl necklace and are perfect to be worn every day. A beautiful gold necklace is vital to your jewelry box. From delicate to statement-making, find your gold necklace style with some help from LAGOS!

The Gold Chain 

Keep it simple! A gold link necklace is perfect is for those of us that are jumping from different types of events. If you find yourself not having time to head home between your day job to your nightlife, a gold chain may be your best bet. And when LAGOS adds caviar beading to a gold chain, it becomes something much more special!

Black Caviar 

Need a more interesting look with your gold necklace?  Consider mixing gold with black caviar with the Gold & Black Caviar Beaded Necklace. This dramatic look will intensify any outfit and add something very unique to your look. Reminiscent of a tiger’s stripes, this piece is sure to garner plenty of compliments!

Gold and Diamonds

We love gold. We love diamonds. Why not combine them both? For a necklace that is all about high quality and true luxury we suggest the Diamond Caviar Necklace. This necklace has the best of everything and will be a standout on your neck.

No matter what type of gold necklace you are looking for, LAGOS will have you covered!

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