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Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos has a passion for travel.  He has a natural curiosity for art, culture, people, and the world around him. He soaks in the unique qualities of all the places he visits. This incurable wanderlust inspired a beautiful new collection called The Mandala.

The Mandala is a symbol that in its most distilled form represents the universe and the idea that life is never-ending.  This concept has always appealed to Steven Lagos.  Over the years he has collected several, “I have mandalas displayed everywhere – in my office, and in my studio.  I find them fascinating. There’s something about the strength and purity of circles that I love.”

This Collection incorporates Steven’s love of gemstones.  Each piece is adorned with colorful stones and diamonds. They features intricate designs made from 18K gold and sterling silver that require an expert eye for detail.  The new Mandala collection will be available exclusively on and at our spring trunk show events.

Experience this Wanderlust today.

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