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Onyx is one of our favorite gemstones.  Its deep black color and smooth finish make for a beautiful stone that stands out.  In addition to being a stunning stone, onyx is very easy to style as it pairs well with both 18k gold and sterling silver styles.  At LAGOS it is one of our most popular stones and is the star of our new Maya Collection.

Black onyx jewelry can be styled in many ways.  The rich black of the stone is beautiful enough to stand on its own and is nicely complemented by sterling silver.  Our new Maya earrings are a dramatic statement for day or night.  A pendant necklace also makes a stand out style statement.

At LAGOS we are all about layering.  We definitely recommend styling your onyx with some of our other pieces.  Onyx is a great contrast for clear and white gemstones like diamonds, pearls and topaz. White and black is a classic pairing, whether it is in jewelry or in clothing and is very easy to style.

Black onyx jewelry is also a great companion for dark gemstones like garnet, amethyst, and smokey quartz. The deep color of these stones shines even better against the opaque black of onyx.

All of our onyx pieces are designed to be layered and styled with the LAGOS you already own and love.  Share your style with us by tagging @lagos_jewelry on Instagram!

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