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How to Style: KSL

Our latest LAGOS collection, KSL, is the result of a design collaboration between founder and creative director, Steven Lagos and his daughter Kate.  Kate is LAGOS’ brand stylist and had the idea for the collection as she was styling at photoshoots. Kate explains, “As a stylist, I’m on set trying to build a jewelry look and there were times where I felt I didn’t have all the styling tools I needed in our toolbox, so I brought design ideas to my father — and we worked together to bring them to life.”

Discover the unique and unexpected ways to wear this new collection with styling tips from Kate Lagos herself.


The KSL collection, like all LAGOS collections, was designed to be layered. Kate’s favorite pieces to layer are the delicate necklaces.  The lariat is unique because it can be adjusted to be multiple lengths.  This makes it a perfect complement to existing LAGOS necklaces because it can be worn at any length and add a modern update to your look.


One of the latest trends Kate admires is stacking rings.  The new collection has rings of varying size so they can be worn together on one finger or individually to make a statement.  Stacking rings worn across multiple fingers is another way to add a modern touch to your look.


The KSL earrings are uniquely styled to be worn either day or night. A dainty stud is easily styled for wherever your day takes you. Swap it for a drop earring in the evening for a look with decidedly more drama.  Some of the smallest studs can even be worn in a second hole, because the more LAGOS the better!

As will all of our LAGOS collections, with KSL there is no wrong way to style it.  You wear it #MyLAGOSMyWay.

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How To: Luna Pearls & Signature Caviar


style tip pearls signature caviar

The unique, natural allure of the freshwater cultured pearl makes the ideal design to mix, match and make your own. Throughout antiquity, and even today, pearls are prized because of their rarity. Pearls, unlike any other precious gemstone, need no enhancement their captivating beauty.

Awaken classic pearls with the luxe texture of Signature Caviar bracelets. Luna pieces layer together with an Enso and open link bracelet for a play on shapes. We imagine this as a flawlessly transitional stack—start in the morning with two or three bracelets and after work add a few more as you head out for drinks!

bridal jewelry pearls white caviar

Praised as the ‘Queen of Gems’, pearls are thought to give wisdom through experience. Ancient Greeks first used pearls as part of the wedding ceremony – believing the sacred pearls would bring love and happiness. Pearls remain a symbol of power, happiness and honor. This meaning makes the Luna collection the ideal wedding day jewelry, especially the strand bracelets or rings.

A classic flourish for every occasion, LAGOS pearls effortlessly mix with Signature Caviar or Black Caviar for a unique look that is all your own. See more style inspiration and tips on the MY LAGOS MY WAY page.


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Expert Style: Cella Jane

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

It is easy to see why we are swooning over this feminine winter look from Rebecca Hillyard of Cella Jane. The soft color palette, the lovely textures—and you can’t miss her luxuriant stack of Diamond bracelets!

“One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my LAGOS Caviar bracelet,” says Rebecca, “I love the fact that LAGOS designs are classic, yet always on trend.”

Mixing bracelets creates a balanced, dimensional stack that shows off the diamond details of each piece. Easy-to-layer and stack your way, Caviar bracelets are, “the perfect every day piece that I rarely take off,” says Rebecca.

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#loveLAGOS: Watch Stack

MY LAGOS MY WAY Caviar Collections Bracelet Stack

Photo via @sallymcgrath86 on Instagram

It is always fun to add a little form to the function of a watch-clad wrist! When choosing bracelets to layer with a watch, those pieces must be as comfortable as they are complementary.

MY LAGOS MY WAY: We love how @sallymcgrath86 pairs three different style bracelets with her watch. The onyx doublet of her Maya bangle matches the bold numerals of the watch face and the open link bracelet balances the weight of the other pieces in her stack.

How do you stack with your watch?

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Art Of The Stack: Double Up

LAGOS Jewelry Caviar Collections MY LAGOS MY WAY

Silver Caviar, 18k gold and diamonds—the epitome of feminine glamour! This stack is designed for a glittering evening out.

Never underestimate the power of a simple silhouette like a bangle. Two tone Caviar bracelets layer beautifully together with new bangles from the Enso collection. The repetition of this style helps to anchor the look.

Much like a diamond, this stack will never fade or fall out of fashion with the season’s end.

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Art Of The Stack: Maya

MY LAGOS MY WAY Art Of The Stack LAGOS Caviar Bracelets

There are endless ways to artistically layer bracelets. If you are looking for something colorful, Maya bracelets are the obvious choice. What better way to complement Caviar than with faceted doublet gems?

To create the perfect color stack, choose your palette. Experiment with different gemstones, either faceted doublets (like those pictured above) or sparkling gemstones; each variation a different expression of color! The eye-catching stack above mixes Maya pieces with Signature Caviar bangles. The varying widths create dimension and add interest to the layers.

Don’t forget the number one stacking rule…Always trust your intuition!

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Art Of The Stack: Introduction to Stacking

Art Of The Stack MY LAGOS MY WAY Caviar Bracelets Jewelry

At LAGOS, we believe that bracelet layering is a form of art. Never have we ever layered a stack of Caviar bracelets without intention! The way you choose to layer your bracelets makes all the difference between an attractive stack and a truly attention-grabbing arm party. It’s all about creating a comfortable, effortless look that suits you.

Here are the five most important rules for creating the perfect stack:

1. Choose one uniting factor. It could be material, color, or other theme.

2. It’s ideal to have a variety of widths when stacking. This adds dimension to your look.

3. Consider the weight of each piece. It can be helpful to wear your heaviest piece highest on your wrist.

4. Generally, it’s best to stick to an odd number of bracelets. However, depending on the widths of your bracelets, four or six may be just right.

5. Trust your intuition. It’s your signature style speaking!

The stack featured here has the uniting material of sterling silver Caviar. The larger pieces (Enso diamond Caviar cuff bracelet and Signature Caviar beaded bracelet) help to balance out and add dimension to the lighter Signature Caviar bangles and Enso beaded bracelet. The varied open links of the chain bracelet make this weighty stack seem much lighter; its texture creates contrast next to the other bracelets allowing their details to shine through!

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