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The Top 10 Gifts This Holiday

Now that Thanksgiving has passed it is time to kick holiday shopping into high gear.  Not sure where to start?  There is something for everyone on your list at LAGOS.  We’ve curated the perfect list of our top 10 gifts this season to guide your holiday shopping.  After all there is no wrong choice when you are giving LAGOS!

  1. Smart Caviar

Created exclusively for your Apple Watch®, this watch bracelet is the ideal holiday gift.

  1. Gold Circle Pendant

A luxurious 18K gold Caviar necklace that easily adjusts from 16 to 18 inches.

  1. Caviar X Ring

Caviar craft meets a modern edge in this signature X ring with 18K gold accents.

  1. Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds highlighted by highly polished black ceramic Caviar beading.

  1. Pearl Drop Earrings

Perfectly polished pearl drop earrings with Caviar details.

  1. Diamond Ring

Diamonds framed by silver Caviar beading forms this go-to right hand ring.

  1. Blue Topaz Bracelet

A brilliant gemstone with iconic Caviar details crafted in sterling silver and 18K gold.

  1. Caviar Gold Bracelet

This stretch bracelet with 18K gold beading is the perfect present.

  1. Lapis Stud Earrings

Lapis inlay stud earrings featuring natural deep blue stones.  Each pair is truly unique.

  1. Diamond Necklace

A shining diamond station with sleek silver forms this modern 16 to 18 inch adjustable necklace.

Looking for more ideas?  Our gift guide has curated guides for everyone on your list!

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Create a Timeless Look with Pearls

Pearls are the epitome of class. They are treasured by their owners and carefully taken care of, and when treated well can become treasured family heirlooms. The Luna Collection from LAGOS has taken the traditional, classical pearl and combined it with signature Caviar beading to create something that you will want to pass down through your family for generations.

Pearl Earrings

Classic pearl earrings can be worn with anything. The Pearl Earrings in the Luna Collection from LAGOS are no different. Not only are the pearls high quality but the addition of Caviar beading takes these pearl earrings to a different level. The beading frames the pearl perfectly and adds a distinctly LAGOS design element to the pair.


Pearl Bracelets

We’ve all seen a beautiful pearl bracelet, but the Pearl Two Strand Bracelet from LAGOS is truly stunning. The freshwater cultured pearls are gorgeous and the silver caviar beading stations in between each pearl showcase quality design while adding a little silver shimmer to the bracelet.

Pearl Necklaces

If traditional pearls are not quite your taste, LAGOS has a great option for you! Try the much more modern Pearl Necklace from the Luna Collection. Made from freshwater Keshi pearls, this necklace will stand out in any setting. No two pearls are the same shape or size, but are handpicked. Your necklace will not only be unique, but also the highest of quality.

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Explore the Classic Elegance of Pearls

When it comes to an effortless staple of the jewelry world, nothing fits a woman’s closet more than the pearl. Luckily LAGOS Jewelry offers styles for every occasion featuring this “Queen of the Gems”.

A piece from the LAGOS Luna Pearl Collection is the perfect addition to any summer outfit. The Luna Pearl Earrings, available in silver or gold, are a simple way to add some elegance to your daytime look.

For those a little more daring, a black pearl style goes from an edgy daytime look to an excellent complement to a little black dress. Try the Luna Pearl Necklace with anything from a simple tee to an evening gown for a style that is elevated any time of day.

If something a little more classic is more your style, you can’t go wrong with a pearl beaded bracelet. This versatile pearl bracelet set allows you to effortlessly pull together a look for the boardroom without letting your jewelry overwhelm your look.

If pearls aren’t a part of your jewelry box yet, now’s the time. Summer is the perfect season to dip into the unique quality of pearls. Capture the essence and beauty of the pearl while exploring its versatility. From a simple set of pearl studs to a pearl beaded necklace, LAGOS has a piece that is perfect for your style.

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Keep it Classic with Pearls

When it comes to classic style, pearls are a mainstay. Pearls exude sophisticated glamour by adding subtle iridescence to all type of jewelry. Paired with caviar beading, the Luna collection from LAGOS offers timeless allure for all.

Start with Some Subtle Studs

If pearls aren’t currently a staple in your jewelry rotation, starting simple it usually best. Pearl stud earrings are a great way to start your love affair with the understated gemstone.  14K gold posts are great for sensitive ears and the slight hint of caviar beading that peeks from behind the pearls make mixing and matching with your other LAGOS pieces a breeze.

Dress Up Your Wrist

A simple bracelet is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any look. The Pearl Caviar Bracelet mixes freshwater cultured pearls with signature caviar beading in sterling silver and 18k gold. The two tone base is perfectly complemented by the subtle shimmer of pearls for a look that uniquely LAGOS. This bracelet is a wonderful addition to a cozy sweater at brunch or to a basic black dress for dinner with the in-laws.

Make a Statement with Black Pearls

If a classic white pearl is too simple for your edgy style, black pearls are a fantastic option. The black pearl necklace offers a  timeless silhouette that contrasts with black Tahitian pearls and two-tone caviar beading. This innovative design creates a dynamic look that is sure to impress while maintaining classic caviar beading that will never go out of style.

Mixing pearls with signature caviar beading is a match made in heaven. Add timeless beauty to your jewelry box in 2019 with the Luna pearl jewelry collection from LAGOS. From stud earrings to pearl beaded necklaces, you are sure to find a piece that matches your unique style.

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Learn More: Pearl Jewelry


Fall Black White Pearls

For years, Pearl have been a classic staple in any woman’s jewelry collection. But are you aware of the rich, interesting history behind this beautiful gemstone? These fascinating facts will make you fall even more in love with the June birthstone – pearl.

Known as ‘The Queen of Gems’ the use of pearls in jewelry dates back to ancient Greece. It was the Greeks who believed these gemstones could bring love and trust to the wearer, so they were often worn in wedding ceremonies. It is no wonder that pearls remain a staple in today’s bridal jewelry world.

pearl jewelry

Along with their unique history, Pearls are also the only gemstone not made from a rock formation.  Saltwater pearls come from oysters, while freshwater pearls usually come from mussels. Like many gemstones, no two pearls are alike. This makes a gemstone gift so special, since each piece is unique, like the wearer.

A Fresh Take On Pearls

black pearl jewelry

For fall, we’re updating our Luna collection with an array of Black Pearl styles. When describing pearls, ‘black’ simply refers to the fact that these pearls are darker than the traditional white pearl. This dark color comes from the mollusks the pearl is grown inside, which is mainly found in French Polynesia.

Black pearls actually come in an array of deep hues, such as blue, purple, and brown.

black pearl necklace ring earrings

Our Luna Pearl Collection captures the essence and beauty of the pearl, as well as its versatility. Our Luna Caviar bracelets are a modern take on the pearl bracelet and are the perfect piece to wear every day. Pearl earrings and rings accented in gold or diamonds are a glamorous option, perfect for a wedding or special event.

Learn more about the Art of Gemstones featured in the LAGOS collections.



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