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The LAGOS Family Jewelry Box

We are taking a trip through the LAGOS family jewelry box with Kate Lagos! Read below for her quotes about each piece from the wonderful and diverse LAGOS collection.

“This piece is one of my favorites, as well as my grandmother’s who wore it all the time – so much the catch wore out and had to be updated 5 years ago. It’s one of the first gold pieces my father ever made. He was just learning the craft when my Grandfather commissioned him to make something special for her 46th birthday, in 1979. It’s made of solid 18k gold and you can feel the love. There are 8 links, each in a shape of lips; leaving her a wrist of kisses!”

“This piece is both a pin and an enhancer. It was one of my father’s first production pieces (he made about 35 of these in different colors). It’s made of 18 karat gold with a custom cut “sea-foam” aquamarine center stone. It also features pink tourmaline, blue sapphire cabochons and five diamonds. My grandmother, who we called yiayia (Greek for grandmother) would love to wear this piece as a pin on her coat collar. She also had the option to wear it as a necklace as it was designed to be clipped onto pearls (pictured) or worn on a flat gold chain. This was gifted to her for Christmas in 1983.”

“These bracelets are so fun! One of my father’s first signature pieces. The Wave bracelet. The Waves were created in 1985 and were the first pieces of LAGOS ever advertised in Town and Country magazine. These distinct bracelets were a huge hit. This was my father’s version of the popular “tennis bracelet” fad. The Wave was popular because of the dimension and texture it added to your wrist. They were available in 4 different color options, all in solid 18k gold. Over the years my father gifted my grandmother these one at a time, for different occasions. First the diamond wave, then emerald – which was her favorite stone – ruby as the third and finally blue sapphire to complete the set. All designed to be worn together. This was the beginning of the LAGOS stacking trend!”

Stay tuned and follow along on @lagos_jewelry on instagram for more stories and heirloom pieces of jewelry!

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Introducing KSL

KSL is a brand new, innovative LAGOS collection and also the initials of Kate Shares Lagos, the daughter of Steven Lagos and also the Brand’s stylist. This collection is a design collaboration between the two.

Kate Lagos has jewelry design in her DNA. Not only has she grown up around jewelry all her life, but she also has an innate talent for stacking, mixing and layering to create unique jewelry looks. Becoming the brand stylist was a natural progression for Kate.

KSL was born out of Kate’s desire to infuse a LAGOS look with something modern, sculptural and three-dimensional.

“Like all of our customers, Kate knows what she likes and has a defined personal style,” says Steven Lagos. “KSL reflects her refreshing point-of-view, resulting in a look and silhouette that we haven’t explored before.”

The KSL collection reimagines diamonds and Caviar in architectural shapes to create dimension that’s both modern and bold. It is a fresh new look that includes edgy styles of varying scale, plus lightweight looks designed for layering. It’s available in two-tone sterling silver and 18K gold.  Many of the styles are delicate, airy and fun. They feature the same top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship that LAGOS is known for.

In Kate’s opinion, “The great thing about LAGOS is that we offer a wide variety of styles and silhouettes so there’s something for every woman… KSL is my personal take on our iconic Caviar designs and my contribution to the mix.”

This design collaboration presents a youthful approach to the brand’s classic Caviar designs and introduces LAGOS to a new generation of smart, confident women.

You can shop the new collection here.

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Expert Style: Cella Jane

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

LAGOS Jewelry Cella Jane Rebecca Hillyard Caviar Collections

It is easy to see why we are swooning over this feminine winter look from Rebecca Hillyard of Cella Jane. The soft color palette, the lovely textures—and you can’t miss her luxuriant stack of Diamond bracelets!

“One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my LAGOS Caviar bracelet,” says Rebecca, “I love the fact that LAGOS designs are classic, yet always on trend.”

Mixing bracelets creates a balanced, dimensional stack that shows off the diamond details of each piece. Easy-to-layer and stack your way, Caviar bracelets are, “the perfect every day piece that I rarely take off,” says Rebecca.

Shop Diamond Bracelets >

See more on Cella Jane >

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Art Of The Stack: Double Up

LAGOS Jewelry Caviar Collections MY LAGOS MY WAY

Silver Caviar, 18k gold and diamonds—the epitome of feminine glamour! This stack is designed for a glittering evening out.

Never underestimate the power of a simple silhouette like a bangle. Two tone Caviar bracelets layer beautifully together with new bangles from the Enso collection. The repetition of this style helps to anchor the look.

Much like a diamond, this stack will never fade or fall out of fashion with the season’s end.

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Dazzling Diamonds

There is no better gift than a timeless piece she can wear every day. When it comes to gemstones, there is only one synonymous with timeless—the diamond. With boundless strength and confidence, the sparkle of a diamond captivates the eye like no other material in the world.

LAGOS diamond designs are crafted using high quality natural stones. Our diamond vendors are certified by the Kimberley Process. This guarantees that our diamonds have been purchased from legitimate, conflict-free sources, and ensures diamonds are ethically mined to the highest standards.

We use round, brilliant-cut G-H color, SI clarity diamonds in our designs. Before setting, all diamonds used in our pieces are inspected using a loupe. Diamonds not meeting our quality standards are rejected. After setting, the diamonds in the pave field are louped again as part of the final inspection.

We are committed to the integrity of our diamond pieces to ensure they continue to dazzle for years to come.

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Empress Collection

MY LAGOS MY WAY Empress Collection Caviar Jewelry

Regally imagined and luxuriously refined, the Empress collection does not fail to bring the drama.

Empress introduces a new gemstone to our portfolio—hematite. Hematite is a unique choice for a doublet as the stone already possess a natural luster. The faceted crystal fused together with this stone enhances its beauty and creates a stunning, dimensional effect.

Fit for a queen, the hematite doublets are surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds. Sterling silver volutes envelope the gems, and finish the piece with noble grace.

Empress Collection > 

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100% Bloomingdale’s x LAGOS

LAGOS Jewelry 100% Bloomingdale's 18k Gold Diamonds

This month, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching an exclusive new selection of LAGOS for the 100% Bloomingdale’s event. Bloomingdale’s has partnered with 100 different designers from all genres to create 1,000 different pieces available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s.

Working directly with the Bloomingdale’s team, Steven Lagos designed a curated collection that would speak to the Bloomingdale’s woman. Each piece incorporates sparkling diamonds accented by signature Caviar detailing in rich 18k gold. Made for layering necklace silhouettes include heart, cross and circle charms. This diamond ring is without a doubt a staff favorite as it stacks beautifully with Covet rings.

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Currently Layering: Diamonds & Caviar

Nordstrom Anniversary LAGOS Jewelry Exclusive Diamonds and Caviar

You know the little black dress (also known as “LBD”) as the essential piece in your wardrobe that without fail, puts your look together in no time. A proper LBD always rises to the occasion, assuring that you never look out of place. It gives you the confidence to handle the task at hand and the grace to enjoy the moment.

We think that these new Diamonds & Caviar jewels have achieved just that—LBD status.

Beginning on July 10, these pieces will be available exclusively at Nordstrom in celebration of their yearly Anniversary Sale. Ready-to-wear and easy to layer, let these be your LBD’s go-to accompaniment!

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#loveLAGOS: Diamond Allure

A diamond, unlike any other gem, casts an enchanting spell over its keeper. Complement this magic with the strength of Caviar and you have a truly rare duo that will never fade or fall out of fashion with the season’s end.

This diamond and Caviar stack comes courtesy of our friends at Nordstrom and is our favorite #loveLAGOS photo of the month.

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