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Dazzle in the Colors of Autumn

The crisp breeze of an autumn evenings will soon be upon us, autumn is coming. As we put away our swimsuits and sundresses and get ready for cooler weather, our jewelry will transition from light and bright to something that compliments thick sweaters and many layers of our wardrobe.

Gemstone jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect way to continue utilizing color while giving a nod to the changing foliage. Warm tones in red, orange and brown are sure to make any basic sweater pop.

Get Creative with Citrine
Symbolizing creativity and clarity, citrine offers a bright pop of orange that is perfect for a fresh fall day. The Caviar Color Citrine necklace is a perfect layering piece that can be styled with your favorite sweater. Stay warm as the weather changes while basking in the brightness of the rich citrine gemstones. Sterling silver Caviar beading is sure to match flawlessly with any other Caviar jewelry piece. This layering style offers ultimate flexibility to wear as a single strand or double wrap around your neck for a more dramatic look.

Mystify In Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz has been known for centuries for promoting harmony and peace. Coming off summer is the perfect time to center yourself for the busy season ahead. This rich golden brown gemstone is sure to turn heads as it provides a truly unique look. Depending on the light, Smoky Quartz can take on tones of amber and sienna. The gemstone caviar bracelet in Smoky Quartz is perfect to style over long sleeves. The intricate caviar beading offers subtle sparkle while a streamlined design provides a pop of color that will not go unnoticed.

Stay Positive with Garnet
Long believed to bring positive energy, garnet brings revitalizing properties and is thought to assist with self-confidence. Put your best foot forward with a pair of garnet drop earrings. Intricately beaded gemstone tassels are the perfect accent from day to night. During the cooler months, earrings offer the most flexibility to layer with scarves, coats, or turtleneck sweaters. The deep red garnet gemstones provide a glint of color that will carry your wardrobe from fall all the way through the holidays.

To find the gemstone that is right for you, check out our gemstone finder. Explore the various unique and colorful options that will add a pop to your Autumn wardrobe while creating a timeless look that is perfect all year round.

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Discover Designer Jewelry from LAGOS

Did you know that every single piece of Lagos Jewelry starts off as a drawing by Steven Lagos? The amount of thought that goes into each design is unparalleled. Inspiration for the jewelry can arise at any time for Steven Lagos, he’s always ready to design. “Inspiration can come from someone I see or a piece of art, but it happens in the moment. It’s never planned.” – Steven Lagos.

From a single sketch, it takes hundreds of steps to create a one designer jewelry piece. What makes LAGOS so unique is the thought and detail behind all of the pieces. The results are beautiful statement pieces of jewelry that are classic yet awe inspiring.

With so much thought and detail, one might think that options would be limited. However, LAGOS offers designs that are perfect for any occasion. From the intricacy of the signature Caviar Collections to the classical Luna Collection and the colorful Maya Collection, LAGOS has created designer jewelry that appeals to anyone on any occasion and has solidified LAGOS Jewelry as the leader in designer jewelry.

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Experience LAGOS Designer Jewelry

For decades, LAGOS Jewelry has been the leader in designer jewelry for the collector that appreciates style and luxury that will last season after season. Thoughtfully designed, and carefully crafted, the signature Caviar styling is the epitome of what designer jewelry should be. From statement-making necklaces to delicate stacking rings, LAGOS designer jewelry has a piece that is sure to fit your unique style.

Nothing says quality and intrigue like fine caviar jewelry from LAGOS. Stunning pieces provide glamour for a formal event, while classic and timeless design matches even the most casual of functions. No matter the occasion, let your jewelry elevate your style to the next level.

For those looking to make a splash, the Black Caviar Diamond Necklace is a signature piece that mixes classic diamonds with edgy black caviar beading for the ultimate statement. For a more subtle approach to LAGOS designer jewelry, a signature caviar necklace in sterling silver is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

If you are looking for the highest quality designer jewelry that will light up a room, look no further than LAGOS. Nothing else compares to the quality and beauty of caviar jewelry by LAGOS.

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In The Details: Caviar Talisman


spring new caviar talisman jewelry pendants

Caviar Talisman exudes strong craftsmanship with delicate beading and classic gemstones.

Centuries ago, talismans were thought to be magical objects that brought good luck and fortune to all that possessed them. These beautifully crafted orbs were symbols of harmony, protection and unity. Caviar Talisman is a modern take on these ancient charms.

Each piece is made with LAGOS’ traditional gemstones and signature Caviar beading with ornamental and intricate new details.

sterling silver 18k gold caviar pendant

One of our favorite necklace styles for the season is also the most versatile. The Caviar Ball necklace with 18k gold accents is the perfect gift for your Mom, sister or friend close to your heart.

Available in three sizes, from petite to statement making, you can create a unique, layered look with multiple pendants from the collection. From long to short, mixing metals to gemstones there are many ways to wear Caviar Talisman.

caviar talisman sketch with drop earrings and gemstone necklace new spring jewelry

The Caviar Talisman drop earrings with amethyst or blue topaz gems make the perfect accent to the crafted necklaces. This unique & chic style is extremely versatile and can be seamlessly styled for any occasion.

Whether it’s the crafted pendants, long drop earrings or classic studs, there’s definitely a look for everyone. How will you style your Caviar Talisman styles?


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Gemstone Of The Week: Lapis

Lapis: The Universal Symbol For Wisdom And Truth

lapis drop earrings

Lapis is a deep, dark blue beauty that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. It is one of the most sought after stones and the universal symbol for wisdom and truth. This season, we are embracing this gorgeous stone in our new Caviar Icon and Maya collections. With warmer weather & longer days on the horizon, this celestial stone is a glorious accent to your wardrobe.

Lapis perfectly pairs with LAGOS designs due to its dimensional color. Between the rich shades of blue hold delicate flecks of gold pyrite. This natural blend of minerals gives every lapis bead a unique depth of color.

caviar icon lapis jewelry tassel lariat necklace

Mix and match a lapis Caviar Icon necklace with gold or silver to enhance your style your LAGOS, your way.

The Caviar Icon collection honors the 1970s chic, bohemian sophistication. Our founder Steven Lagos began designing jewelry during these formative years. This collection is an homage to this creative spirit.

maya lapis doublet styles

These new silhouettes transform lapis into iconic LAGOS silhouettes, reinterpreting Caviar in color. We hope the powerful blue hue inspires your style.


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Eclipse New Moon Rising



This exclusive line showcases the magnificent silhouette of the eclipse through a sleek crescent of smooth onyx outlined in sterling silver. The shadowy hue of onyx gives the line an air of mystery, much like the historical views of this celestial phenomenon. The ancient Greeks named the eclipse as “the darkening of a heavenly body,” spinning wondrous mythology to explain the sun’s disappearance.  We hope that each piece of this collection provides a flair of mystery into your look.



This pendant features our sleek eclipse design, held by our signature Caviar beading in 18 karat gold. The contrast of silver and gold is homage to the precious moment when night and day collide.

For a sleek and sophisticated look, we suggest pairing this modern pendant with our Black Caviar beaded necklace. This creates the ideal pairing for a bold piece that is perfect for any occasion.


A bold style deserves a pair of earrings that make a statement, and our Eclipse onyx drop earrings will not disappoint. Our new Eclipse design suspends from an elegant sterling silver beaded lever back closure, giving a lustrous touch to any look.

Try pairing them with one our Black Caviar beaded bracelets to achieve a trendy layered ensemble.


For a more subtle look, our Eclipse stud earrings give a perfect pop of contrast into any outfit. If a more minimalist look is your style, these studs are just for you.

The pop of Caviar gold beading allows it to pair well with our chic and modern Gold and Black Caviar Gold Wrap Bracelet. Its unique, sculpted coil bracelet shape accents the ethereal curve of the eclipse.

Discover more on our new Eclipse collection at


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Introducing Caviar Gold Jewelry


gold caviar jewelry

This fall, while LAGOS celebrates 40 years of inspiration and craftsmanship, the brand is also launching a highly-anticipated new collection. Caviar Gold has arrived.

This is a bold and sophisticated collection full of sculptural silhouettes. With styles ranging from collectible gold stacking rings to statement-making caviar drop earrings, stretch bracelets, and dramatic necklaces, there’s truly something for every LAGOS woman.

“I learned the art of goldsmithing early in my career and this is the culmination of years of refining technique and developing creative solutions,” said Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos. “I am happy to bring this bold, new collection to the LAGOS woman.”

gold caviar drop earrings


This collection features an array of unique new styles, as well as signature LAGOS looks reimagined in 18k gold.

One of our newest silhouettes, the Caviar beaded stretch bracelet, is an ingenious style that is comfortable, stackable, and lightweight. Its versatility makes it perfect for any occasion, day or night.


Another innovation is the coil bracelet. Chic and modern, they wrap to form a perfect fit on the wrist. These styles are available in solid 18k gold and Gold and Black Caviar.

Also new to the mix are bold yet easy-to-wear new drop earrings, available in two sizes, both are glamorous and can be the perfect accessory for any occasion.


We are also introducing a beautiful new collection of bold contrast – Gold and Black Caviar. These modern and sophisticated styles feature 18k gold paired with shiny black ceramic caviar beading.


This new assortment boasts several variations of our classic Caviar rope bracelet, chic varieties of our new coil, and various Caviar necklaces to layer and love.

Discover all of our new gold styles and more at





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LAGOS Inspiration: Black Caviar

The inspiration behind some of our best-selling collections

black caviar ceramic 18k gold diamond collection lagos jewelry

Every idea is sparked from a source of inspiration. For designer Steven Lagos, inspiration can be found in many places – from travel, to art, to the women who wear his designs.


After three years of design, research, and development, LAGOS launched Black Caviar. This beautiful collection is made of a jewelry-grade black ceramic that has been polished to a high shine.

black caviar diamond bracelets

The inspiration for Black Caviar came from one of Steven Lagos’ original designs. He created a torsade necklace with hematite beading that looked like actual caviar. For him, caviar is universal and evokes a sense of luxury. It has since evolved into an essential element and is instantly recognizable as LAGOS.

designer steven lagos original inspiration for caviar

Over 25 years later, Black Caviar was born and is the most Caviar of our collections. Luxurious, wearable, and very versatile, it’s become a best-selling collection.

More than 100,000 individual Black Caviar beads have been created and crafted to ensure that each bracelet remains true to the commitment of quality that LAGOS has become known for.





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