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Utilize Mixed Textures For a Sophisticated Look

The intricacy of caviar beading has long been a staple of LAGOS style. The new High Bar collection plays off those design details with complementary smooth 18K gold accents. This versatile collection adds the timeless elegance of smooth 18 karat gold to classic sterling silver caviar pieces.

Elevate Your Style with a Pendant

The High Bar Caviar Pendant features a smooth 18K gold station flanked by sterling silver caviar beading. Use this effortless style to transition from day to night without a second thought. The blend of textures provides a level of intrigue while the classic two-tone look makes this piece easy to pair with a caviar beaded chain in silver and gold.

Make a Statement On Your Fingers

For those that prefer something with a little less fuss, a ring is the perfect option. The High Bar gold caviar ring takes a classic caviar ring to the next level with a band of smooth 18K gold for added glamour. The two-tone style easily matches anything else in your jewelry box. However, for the ultimate statement, consider matching with another piece from the High Bar collection.

Add Layers with a High Bar Bracelet

Create a party on your arm with a set of bracelets. The High Bar collection offers a variety of two-toned bracelets that can easily layer with other LAGOS pieces or wear on their own. Combine signature caviar with the smooth 18k gold of the High Bar collection or opt for something more glamorous by stacking with a diamond bracelet featuring classic caviar beading.

Mixing textures is a sure fire way to add sophistication and edge in one piece of jewelry. Create a look that is sure to turn heads with the LAGOS High Bar collection. The two-tone styles flawlessly match other LAGOS pieces while also adding a statement that is all its own.

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Transition into Fall with Black Caviar and Gold

Exude confidence this autumn with dramatic Black Caviar and Gold jewelry. Pairing classic 18 karat gold with black caviar beading, this collection offers a striking contrast perfect for the new season.

Black Caviar is a high-luster ceramic that is crafted in a similar way to our gold or silver.  It’s unique nature means it never loses its shine owing to the scratch resistant nature of the ceramic. The ceramic is designed as delicate beads which are then strung using an exceptional technique known as nesting.  Nesting allows for the beads to rest snugly together to form a smooth rope-like strand that elegantly hugs the wrist, while the rich black color provides just the right amount of edge.

The three strand Gold and Black Caviar bracelet provides a monochromatic look throughout the bracelet, but adds a splash of glamour with a gold clasp. The addition of gold adds the perfect amount of classic styling to the bold look of the black caviar beading. Wear with the clasp facing outward for an eye-catching look or turn the clasp towards your body for just a slight hint of contrast.

For those who love even more contrast the gold and black caviar wrap bracelet intricately weaves 18 karat gold and black ceramic beads throughout a flexible and adjustable bracelet. This is the perfect piece to be worn with jeans and simple tee for weekend brunch or with your favorite little black dress and out for drinks!

Discover the bold look of gold and Black Caviar today! This combination provides a one-of-a-kind style that is perfect for those looking to add some impact to their jewelry. Whether you are looking for a piece to wear every day or need something to wear for a special occasion, the Gold and Black Caviar Collection from LAGOS is the perfect fit!

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Jewelry to pack on your next getaway

The days are longer, the weather is warming, and summer Friday’s are in your future.  It’s time to pack your bags and head away for the weekend.  Whether you’re jetting to the beach or touring a new city we have the perfect jewelry packing tips to keep the focus on your next adventure.

Summer is the time to keep things simple and uncomplicated, the same is true with your jewelry. When selecting what pieces to bring avoid choosing too many pieces and try to select items that are light.  This will help prevent unnecessarily weighing down your suitcase (you’ll need room to bring back souvenirs).

Now that you know you can’t over pack, it’s time to choose wisely.  Aim to bring neutral items that will pair well with a variety of looks.  We recommend small hoops, studs or a classic pearl for earrings that are always chic. Our Mixed metal bracelets are also nice as they complement each other and pair well with all pieces in the LAGOS collection.

Try to avoid jewelry that is clunky or might tangle.  The last thing you need before heading to a wonderful dinner is worrying about untangling a necklace.  Thinner chains are more likely to tangle so if you do want to pack a dramatic long chain necklace, opt for one with a thick chain and tie it in one knot to keep it from further tangling while traveling.

If the idea of keeping it simple is too much, and you really need to pack multiple pieces try statement rings.  They are light, won’t weigh your bag down and they certainly won’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Now that you’ve made your perfect picks, make sure to pack them in your carry-on and don’t forget to tag @lagos_jewelry in all of your wonderful vacation pics!

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The LAGOS Mother’s Day Gift Guide

At LAGOS we believe that jewelry is a form of memory, if you ask a person about a piece of jewelry they are wearing there’s always have a story to tell you about it.  It should come as no surprise that Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays because it’s a chance to make a memory with her.  We’re here to help you put as much thoughtfulness into picking the right gift as possible and making this Mother’s Day an extra special memory you both share.

Beautiful bracelets

The number one gift to give this Mother’s Day is a stunning Caviar beaded bracelet. Designed to be both beautiful and comfortable there is a style for every woman.  Choose a cuff with a gemstone cap for the mom who loves a pop of color, or one of our Diamond Lux bracelets for a touch of glamour.

Elegant Earrings

Certain to make a statement why not surprise here with mother of pearl drop earrings? For the less fashion forward, pearl earrings are a great classic option.  They pair well with both silver and gold jewelry so she can wear them every day.

Perfect Pendants

What’s more personal than a pendant necklace picked just for her?  We have a style for everyone, our Hearts of LAGOS pendants each feature a city, just right for a location that is special for your both.  Our Beloved collection features a range of lockets, hearts and charms that can be engraved with the date or her initials.

For more inspiration be sure to check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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Time is Luxury

Smart Caviar is the first fine jewelry bracelet designed for the Apple Watch.  The bracelet was first born of Steven Lagos’ admiration for the iconic Apple Watch.  He favored the sleek watch face and the functionality, but he felt something was missing, there was no fine jewelry option. He then sought to design a bracelet that would elevate the Apple Watch and make it desirable for every occasion. In his words, “I really wanted to create a bracelet that would transform it from a casual watch to a jewelry watch.”

This bracelet is the next evolution of Caviar jewelry. This clever design can be mixed and stacked with any LAGOS style.  The watch bracelet is expertly handcrafted in sterling silver, sterling silver with 18K gold and diamond pave. Each bracelet layers effortlessly with other Caviar jewelry collections allowing our customers to create their own unique look or to wear alone as a statement piece.

Smart Caviar continues the innovative design and technology that has become synonymous with LAGOS quality. It is a testament to the attention to detail and classic luxury that defines the brand.  For more details on Smart Caviar follow along on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Time is Luxury


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Build a Jewelry Wardrobe with LAGOS

Starting your jewelry collection can seem daunting for those trying to curate a collection that reflects your unique style. However, LAGOS offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for those trying to build a sophisticated jewelry wardrobe from scratch.

Start Simple

Versatility is key when starting your jewelry collection. Finding pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions or layered with other pieces can be easily achieved with signature caviar beaded styles from LAGOS.

A classic beaded bracelet is the perfect start to a sophisticated jewelry look. With timeless style, this bracelet can be worn to a job interview for an extra dash of confidence or with a little black dress for that perfect first date. Sterling silver is the perfect complement for almost any outfit that adds a touch of glamour without attracting too much attention. Make it extra special with an engraving to remind you of a special date or a classic monogram.

Opt for a Classic Hoop

When it comes to earrings, the classic hoop silhouette is ideal for a day to night look. Worn with a sleek ponytail, caviar hoop earrings add a bit of an edge to a daytime style. Let your hair down and add a statement jacket for happy hour with girlfriends. 14K gold posts are perfect for the most sensitive ears while the sterling silver caviar beading add some interest while matching well with other silver pieces.

Create a Subtle Pop

While keeping within a single palette it best when building a jewelry repertoire, sometimes you need to make more of a statement. Mixing in another metal is the perfect way to branch out from your comfort zone. Hop on the rose gold trend with a slim rose gold stacking ring. The slender design can be worn alone or paired with any other rings in your jewelry box. Caviar beading flawlessly blends with other caviar pieces.

As your style evolves, so will your jewelry box. By creating a base of signature pieces, you will be able to easily blend timeless caviar jewelry with trendy or edgier looks. LAGOS offers plenty of styles that will form a wonderful foundation for years to come.

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Ring in the New Year with Some Sparkle

New year, new you, new jewelry! We all like the fresh start that comes with the new year and sometimes that means a little wardrobe update. Instead of picking up a new sweater, opt for something that will last well beyond your well-intentioned resolutions! Black Caviar jewelry from LAGOS are the perfect winter accessory that will transition you through all the seasons.

Step Up Your Style with Diamonds in 2019

A diamond black caviar bracelet offers a bit of sparkle with pave diamonds set into sterling silver. Black ceramic caviar beading adds a slight edge to an otherwise classic bracelet. This bracelet is perfect for those looking for something a little difference while never sacrificing the versatility of signature caviar beading.

Go Bold with Black

Add some drama with black caviar beading. A beaded necklace from LAGOS offers simple styling while adding a bit of an edge to even a basic tee and jeans. This 16 inch necklace is the perfect length for most necklines and the signature caviar beading adds subtle intrigue in a stunning deep black.

Make a Statement with a Classic Silhouette

Diamond drop earrings are the perfect way to add some sophistication to your jewelry box this year! High quality diamonds set in smoothly polished sterling silver add a hint of glamour for the perfect date night earring. Worn with a cozy sweater or a sparkly cocktail dress, these earrings are incredibly versatile and a great way to make yourself feel a bit more glamorous in the new year!

LAGOS offers a variety of jewelry pieces to help freshen up your style in 2019. Peruse the Black Caviar collection for a look that offers a bit more edge while maintaining the classic elegance of caviar jewelry.

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Perfect Gifts with Complimentary Engraving

A gift from LAGOS is sure to delight anyone’s holiday. However, for a limited time you can make it extra special with free engraving offered on a variety of special gifts. Show someone you care with a personalized gift that they will keep on loving for years to come.

Sophisticated Simplicity

While LAGOS has long been known for luxurious pieces, there are many designs for those just starting to build their jewelry repertoire. The sterling silver caviar buckle bracelet offers a nod to timeless equestrian styling and simple elegance. The box clasp provides space for engraving the recipient’s initials or add a heart to express your true feelings in the form of a beautiful silver bracelet.

For those who have more classic taste, opt for the Luna Pearl Bracelet. Available is sterling silver or two-tone 18K gold and silver, this enduring piece is sure to impress. Perfect for a night out or a day at the office, this gorgeous bracelet is only made better by the engraving of a special date or phrase.

A Gift as Unique as They Are

If your gift style leans more towards a necklace, the heart locket is the perfect option. Not only does this elegant silver necklace offer a space for a special photo inside, but the back provides space for engraving someone initials, a special date or phrase! Capture your special someone’s style with a gift that is a unique as they are! Caviar beading and sterling silver are a top everyone’s wish list this year.

Make this year special with a truly personalized gift from LAGOS. With options for jewelry connoisseurs or those working to build a base of fine jewelry, you are sure to find something that fits your gifting needs and their desires. With limited-time complimentary engraving, there has never been a better time to give the gift of LAGOS.  Shop our engravable gifts now!

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Say it with Silver…and 18K Gold!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between 18k gold and silver when it comes to your jewelry look. Sterling silver offers cool glamour while gold offers a classic allure that is undeniable. At LAGOS, we understand this decision is not one to take lightly. However, instead of picking silver or 18k gold, we designed two-tone jewelry pieces that blend both metals for a unique look that never compromises on style.

When you can’t decide between 18k gold or silver, a two-tone look is the way to go. Two-tone styles provide maximum versatility as they can be effortlessly paired with any of your other jewelry pieces. For a daytime look, a two tone caviar bracelet is the perfect accessory to add classic flair at the office. To take your look into evening, add a two-tone diamond necklace for a night on the town.

If you are aiming for a more subtle way to integrate both metals, try the caviar front-back earrings. With gold on one side and silver on the other, these stud earrings provide a unique and dramatic appeal. They offer ultimate versatility with our unique caviar beading. Pack them for any trip and you will be good to go no matter the occasion.

Two-tone jewelry offers a splash of warmth as 18k gold and sterling silver flawlessly mesh into a single piece. As gold and silver work together, they create a unique look that adds polish and glamour to any style. LAGOS has an extensive collection of two-toned pieces from bangles and cuffs to earrings and pendant necklaces.  Whether your style is more demure and classic or you like to be the talk of the town, there is a piece for you that mixes silver and 18k gold for the ultimate look in accessories.

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Diamonds & Caviar: A Luxe Combination

Diamonds & Caviar: A Luxe Combination

Caviar jewelry from LAGOS are incredibly versatile. Whether you are in jeans and a t-shirt or a little black dress, a signature caviar bracelet can pull an entire outfit together. The intricately beaded design creates a look that can be layered or worn separately while creating a style that is uniquely yours.

Whether your personal style includes sterling silver, 18k gold, or a mixture of both, LAGOS features bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings to complement your daily look. For those days where you are looking to add a little more sparkle to your life, add some diamonds to your caviar for a more glamourous look.

Diamond caviar jewelry rises to whatever occasion may cross your path. From a night on the town to an important meeting, the combination of diamonds and caviar seamlessly blends casual chic with uptown glamour. Slip on the Caviar Spark stacking ring for just a hint of sparkle throughout your day, or go bold with a Signature Caviar diamond pendant necklace.

Casual Glamour

Who says diamonds should be reserved for special events? Don’t save your sparkle. Wear it proudly with these more casual options that join diamonds and caviar in an immensely versatile way.

The Caviar Gold stacking ring can be layered with your favorite pieces to create an edgier look or worn alone for a delicate finishing touch. This simple band is the perfect way to add some elegance to the simplest of days.

If you want a bolder look that can still be worn with a plain t-shirt, the Diamonds & Caviar diamond cuff bracelet adds some intrigue in the form of gold, silver and diamonds all in one streamlined piece. A seamlessly integrated hinge clasp makes it easy to add this bracelet to your look as you walk out the door

Bold Statements

Caviar and diamonds also complement your fancy nights out. With the highest quality of materials and intricate styling, diamond caviar jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect partner for a cocktail dress or evening gown.

The classic silhouette of the Caviar Spark Diamond Necklace provides some glimmer while being versatile enough for almost any neckline. This glamourous necklace features sterling silver caviar beading accented with the highest quality center diamonds. Paired with the Caviar Spark diamond drop earrings, your look is sure to be the talk of the town.

No matter your style, diamond jewelry is always the answer. Diamonds combined with caviar jewelry is sure to elevate your look and create a style that is all your own. For the latest in diamond and caviar jewelry, browse the collection today.

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