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Love is personal.  For me, Valentine’s Day is when I think about the different loves in my life – the love I have for my mother, my daughter, my girlfriend, and how these women inspire my other true love – designing jewelry.

One of the first pieces I ever made in gold was a bracelet with 12 kisses that my mom still wears today.  The original LAGOS woman, Anne Lagos is strong and confident with lots of style.  Growing up with her I learned early-on the importance of trend and design.

My daughter Kate has great taste, keen style and an eye for design.  She keeps me young and has always been one of my muses.

And my girlfriend Kristie embodies it all. She’s super smart, strong and has incredible style.  I meet women all the time who inspire me.  They are strong, confident and boldly feminine.

From the beginning, it was important to me that LAGOS was a brand of jewelry that women would buy for themselves.  My customers know what they love.  Their strong sense of style empowers me to create so many different looks and types of jewelry.  In turn, our collections make it easy to create your own signature style.

Always:  “My LAGOS My Way”.

Making jewelry has been the love of my life – my true passion.  I love the people, the materials, the techniques, the travel and the tradition.  Jewelry chronicles people’s lives and becomes cherished possessions passed from generation to generation.

Jewelry is Eternal.

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