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The best way to give an awesome gift? Personalize it!  LAGOS now offers some great engraving options with all new styles and designs.  A gift with engraving shows not only that you chose a gorgeous piece of jewelry but that is also uniquely for them. We’ve highlighted a few different types of engraving and gifting ideas below.

The most classic option is to go with a monogram. Engraving someone’s initials offers a timeless option that will stand up to trends and make for a wonderful memento for years to come.  They make a great option for a newlywed with new initials or for all of your closest girlfriends.

Another great way to make your jewelry special is to use a date. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasion, it’s a great way to signify and remember a special time and occasion.

The newest addition to the LAGOS engraving options are special symbols.  From a star or moon to a cross or heart, there is a symbol that is perfect for any occasion.  Choose a zodiac symbol for a birthday gift or a flower for your favorite gardening enthusiast.  Symbols are a fun way to go beyond classic monograms and dates, the perfect upgrade for someone who has it all!

For more engraving ideas and a personalized shopping experience be sure to reach out to our customer care team.  After all, A little extra thought and time can turn an amazing gift into the best gift!

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