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Have you ever thought about what goes into your favorite piece of jewelry? At LAGOS, each piece is carefully crafted using the best materials by master jeweler & designer, Steven Lagos.

Every style at LAGOS is designed to be as unique and special as the wearer. “Jewelry is a personal talisman. Fine jewelry is going to be a part of people’s lives for a very long time and we take that seriously when we are designing.”

Steven Lagos Caviar Spark InspirationAt LAGOS, our main goal is to create beautiful and timeless pieces that can be worn and cherished by many generations. The brand strives to use the absolute best materials, from our stunning sterling silver, 18k gold, and of course, our diamonds and gemstones.

Our newest collection, Caviar Spark, features diamonds in a new and unique way.

“Luxury for me is about light. It influences my designs and how I select the gemstones of our collections. When you have the perfect gemstones, the perfect diamonds, they really speak to you.”

Caviar Spark features sterling silver Caviar details mixed with high-quality diamonds. “The details in our pieces have to do with the light and the way it refracts. All of our designs are curved and sensual. The Caviar pattern attracts a great deal of light and creates almost a shimmer to the metal.”

The high quality diamonds used in our collections also contribute to the luxurious look and feel of our collections. LAGOS exclusively uses high quality diamonds for each collection.

Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about the inspiration behind your favorite LAGOS collections.


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