The days are longer, the weather is warming, and summer Friday’s are in your future.  It’s time to pack your bags and head away for the weekend.  Whether you’re jetting to the beach or touring a new city we have the perfect jewelry packing tips to keep the focus on your next adventure.

Summer is the time to keep things simple and uncomplicated, the same is true with your jewelry. When selecting what pieces to bring avoid choosing too many pieces and try to select items that are light.  This will help prevent unnecessarily weighing down your suitcase (you’ll need room to bring back souvenirs).

Now that you know you can’t over pack, it’s time to choose wisely.  Aim to bring neutral items that will pair well with a variety of looks.  We recommend small hoops, studs or a classic pearl for earrings that are always chic. Our Mixed metal bracelets are also nice as they complement each other and pair well with all pieces in the LAGOS collection.

Try to avoid jewelry that is clunky or might tangle.  The last thing you need before heading to a wonderful dinner is worrying about untangling a necklace.  Thinner chains are more likely to tangle so if you do want to pack a dramatic long chain necklace, opt for one with a thick chain and tie it in one knot to keep it from further tangling while traveling.

If the idea of keeping it simple is too much, and you really need to pack multiple pieces try statement rings.  They are light, won’t weigh your bag down and they certainly won’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Now that you’ve made your perfect picks, make sure to pack them in your carry-on and don’t forget to tag @lagos_jewelry in all of your wonderful vacation pics!

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