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KSL is a brand new, innovative LAGOS collection and also the initials of Kate Shares Lagos, the daughter of Steven Lagos and also the Brand’s stylist. This collection is a design collaboration between the two.

Kate Lagos has jewelry design in her DNA. Not only has she grown up around jewelry all her life, but she also has an innate talent for stacking, mixing and layering to create unique jewelry looks. Becoming the brand stylist was a natural progression for Kate.

KSL was born out of Kate’s desire to infuse a LAGOS look with something modern, sculptural and three-dimensional.

“Like all of our customers, Kate knows what she likes and has a defined personal style,” says Steven Lagos. “KSL reflects her refreshing point-of-view, resulting in a look and silhouette that we haven’t explored before.”

The KSL collection reimagines diamonds and Caviar in architectural shapes to create dimension that’s both modern and bold. It is a fresh new look that includes edgy styles of varying scale, plus lightweight looks designed for layering. It’s available in two-tone sterling silver and 18K gold.  Many of the styles are delicate, airy and fun. They feature the same top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship that LAGOS is known for.

In Kate’s opinion, “The great thing about LAGOS is that we offer a wide variety of styles and silhouettes so there’s something for every woman… KSL is my personal take on our iconic Caviar designs and my contribution to the mix.”

This design collaboration presents a youthful approach to the brand’s classic Caviar designs and introduces LAGOS to a new generation of smart, confident women.

You can shop the new collection here.

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