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One easy way to accentuate your confidence and style is with statement-making rings. Whether you want your jewelry to speak for itself or want a simpler accent piece, LAGOS has a statement ring to suit your taste. Made in the finest materials from sterling silver to 18K gold and accented with our signature caviar beading and glimmering gemstones, one of our styles is the perfect way to enjoy the luxury of a beautiful ring.

Radiate Luxury with Caviar

Be bold while keeping your look sleek and sophisticated with a Caviar Gold Statement Ring in 18K gold. This ring is the perfect addition to your collection. Wear it to the office paired with your favorite sweater or out on the town with show-stopping cocktail dress. The signature caviar beading adds texture while simple yellow gold keeps the look sleek and classic.

Shimmer in Gemstones or Diamonds

For an evening look, just add diamonds! The Caviar Spark diamond ring features Sterling silver and over a carat and a half of diamonds for a moment of glamour for a night out. Paired with caviar beading, this ring truly sparkles. If the traditional diamond look is not your style, consider adding some color with this gemstone ring. Sterling silver pairs with 18K gold and a gemstone of your choice. Choose between blue topaz, amethyst, citrine and more for a look that reflects your personal style.

Embrace the Drama of an Edgy Design

For those that aren’t shy, an edgier look might be right for your style. The diamond double ring adds a level of intrigue in silver, gold and diamonds. The pyramid design and double ring style offers a bold look while the timeless two-tone finish matches any outfit.

When you want to put the finishing touch on an outfit for an evening out, there’s nothing that does it better than a statement ring. Whether you prefer rings of silver, gold, diamonds, or gemstones, LAGOS has plenty of choices to suit your needs. Elevate your style and express yourself with a statement ring now!

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