At LAGOS, we understand the need for jewelry to be fashionable as well as functional. The Smart Caviar bracelet collection helps you remain stylish while wearing your Apple Watch.  We fully support those ladies on the go who need a chic way to wear their latest tech timepiece.

Turn your Apple Watch into a beautiful piece of jewelry with our Smart Caviar watch bracelets. These bracelets make an Apple Watch a wonderfully crafted work of art. Available in a variety of metals and finishes, you can choose the look that matches your personality and wardrobe.

Our new stainless steel options offer clean lines and durability, while the diamond watch bracelets add glamour for a night out full of complements. No matter the finish, signature caviar beading is sure to make a splash and elevate your watch look from basic to breathtaking.

For the LAGOS lover, the watch bracelet is designed to match any piece in your existing collection. Caviar beading on the band stacks perfectly with any of our existing and new collections. Mix and match metals and gemstones and be ready to have the best looking bracelet stack around.

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