My LAGOS, My Way. For over 35 years, Steven Lagos has been designing jewelry with a particular woman in mind. His vision for the LAGOS woman is clear: she is strong, smart and values integrity above all else. She knows who she is and who she wants to be.

This fall, LAGOS will launch a major advertising campaign with a message of bold femininity. The signature Caviar bracelet stack will take center stage in the styling of the campaign. “As a company, we are clearly focused on what differentiates us: Caviar, the icon of the brand. We wanted our new advertising campaign to reflect that focus, both today, and for years to come,” says President, Chris Cullen.

The My LAGOS, My Way tagline was chosen to bring Caviar to life. Our customers are dedicated to styling their LAGOS Caviar in their own personal way. “We want the campaign to encourage customers to own iconic and classic jewelry that reflects who she is”, says Steven Lagos. He continues, “From the beginning we knew that the imagery should convey a sense of confidence and independence, two prominent attributes of the LAGOS Woman, throughout the tagline, the body language and the styling of the photography.”

We want to know: How do you style your LAGOS? See how other LAGOS women are styling their Caviar jewels in on Instagram.

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