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MY LAGOS MY WAY Gemstones Caviar Jewelry

Every LAGOS woman has a token gemstone item in her jewelry box. It is a piece that she can count on to bring a dose of sparkle and excitement to any outfit. From its selection to its final setting, LAGOS gemstones are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

The process always begins with Steven Lagos’ hand drawn sketches. Steven then chooses which materials to incorporate in to the designs. He is often inspired during his travels, when exploring local markets, gem shows, or meeting with specialty dealers.

We are committed to seeking out the highest-quality stones to be incorporated in to Caviar creations. Steven recently went on a buying trip to China where he selected pearls for the Luna collection. Whether it is Brazil, Thailand, or India, we search the globe for the best source and go there to select our stones. The gems are then cut, polished and set into a Caviar piece by one of our skilled craftspeople.

We currently carry over 40 different gemstones in a variety of settings. LAGOS women agree—Blue topaz is their favorite hue! Whether you are looking for an everyday bracelet, an ultra-statement making gemstone cocktail ring, or a striking pair of earrings, LAGOS has jewels that will speak to you.

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