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A First Look: New KSL

How-To Layer The New KSL Necklaces

Be the first to see our latest arrivals like the KSL necklaces, stacking rings and drop earrings.


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Dazzle in the Colors of Autumn

The crisp breeze of an autumn evenings will soon be upon us, autumn is coming. As we put away our swimsuits and sundresses and get ready for cooler weather, our jewelry will transition from light and bright to something that compliments thick sweaters and many layers of our wardrobe.

Gemstone jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect way to continue utilizing color while giving a nod to the changing foliage. Warm tones in red, orange and brown are sure to make any basic sweater pop.

Get Creative with Citrine
Symbolizing creativity and clarity, citrine offers a bright pop of orange that is perfect for a fresh fall day. The Caviar Color Citrine necklace is a perfect layering piece that can be styled with your favorite sweater. Stay warm as the weather changes while basking in the brightness of the rich citrine gemstones. Sterling silver Caviar beading is sure to match flawlessly with any other Caviar jewelry piece. This layering style offers ultimate flexibility to wear as a single strand or double wrap around your neck for a more dramatic look.

Mystify In Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz has been known for centuries for promoting harmony and peace. Coming off summer is the perfect time to center yourself for the busy season ahead. This rich golden brown gemstone is sure to turn heads as it provides a truly unique look. Depending on the light, Smoky Quartz can take on tones of amber and sienna. The gemstone caviar bracelet in Smoky Quartz is perfect to style over long sleeves. The intricate caviar beading offers subtle sparkle while a streamlined design provides a pop of color that will not go unnoticed.

Stay Positive with Garnet
Long believed to bring positive energy, garnet brings revitalizing properties and is thought to assist with self-confidence. Put your best foot forward with a pair of garnet drop earrings. Intricately beaded gemstone tassels are the perfect accent from day to night. During the cooler months, earrings offer the most flexibility to layer with scarves, coats, or turtleneck sweaters. The deep red garnet gemstones provide a glint of color that will carry your wardrobe from fall all the way through the holidays.

To find the gemstone that is right for you, check out our gemstone finder. Explore the various unique and colorful options that will add a pop to your Autumn wardrobe while creating a timeless look that is perfect all year round.

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The Fall 2019 Collections

A Behind The Scenes Look At The Fall Season

Shop our latest arrivals like the new stainless steel Smart Caviar bracelets, 18K gold and stainless steel or diamond styles. Explore the new diamond and onyx Maya designs.


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Discover the Allure of Amethyst

Signifying renewal, amethyst is the perfect gemstone to incorporate into your look this spring. From a light lavender to a deep eggplant purple, amethyst offers a splash of color to a classic jewelry look. Whether you are looking for something more casual that add some dazzle to your daytime look or a more sophisticated evening style, our Amethyst collection has you covered.

As the weather heats up, chunky sweaters will give way to bare arms and short sleeves. An Amethyst beaded bracelet will perfectly complement spring florals as your wardrobe lightens up. Faceted amethyst gemstones provide a slight glimmer while a stretch fit offers incredible versatility and ease. The 18K gold station adds a luxe touch to this signature bracelet.

For a more structured look on your wrist, opt for an amethyst bangle. Smoothly polished sterling silver forms a round bangle with amethyst stones set inside. A 3mm width adds a delicate splash of color and the slip on style is perfect for layering with other caviar bangles from LAGOS.

If you are looking to add some color to your neckline, an amethyst necklace is the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection. Worn alone or layered with other caviar necklaces, this stunning necklace is sure to dazzle. With six amethyst gemstone stations and both sterling silver and 18K gold accents, this necklace will flawlessly layer with a variety of other pieces. The 34 inch length means you can wear it long or wrap it for an edgier look.

Spring into a brighter jewelry look with amethyst. Luxe purple hues are a wonderful complement to most pastels and floral clothing. Plus, signature caviar beading can be mixed and matched with almost any other piece from LAGOS. Shop amethyst jewelry now.

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Experience LAGOS Designer Jewelry

For decades, LAGOS Jewelry has been the leader in designer jewelry for the collector that appreciates style and luxury that will last season after season. Thoughtfully designed, and carefully crafted, the signature Caviar styling is the epitome of what designer jewelry should be. From statement-making necklaces to delicate stacking rings, LAGOS designer jewelry has a piece that is sure to fit your unique style.

Nothing says quality and intrigue like fine caviar jewelry from LAGOS. Stunning pieces provide glamour for a formal event, while classic and timeless design matches even the most casual of functions. No matter the occasion, let your jewelry elevate your style to the next level.

For those looking to make a splash, the Black Caviar Diamond Necklace is a signature piece that mixes classic diamonds with edgy black caviar beading for the ultimate statement. For a more subtle approach to LAGOS designer jewelry, a signature caviar necklace in sterling silver is sure to be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

If you are looking for the highest quality designer jewelry that will light up a room, look no further than LAGOS. Nothing else compares to the quality and beauty of caviar jewelry by LAGOS.

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Travel in Style with LAGOS

While on the road, it can be difficult to maintain a chic look. However, versatile pieces in classic Caviar offer the ultimate stylish accent for virtually any trip. Whether you are pounding the pavement for business or letting your toes experience the warmth of a sandy beach, LAGOS has a piece that is perfect for your on-the-go style.

Opt for Two-Tone

Without full access to your jewelry collection, it is imperative you pack pieces that can mix and match easily with other pieces. A two-tone caviar beaded bracelet is a phenomenal option for matching with gold or silver jewelry. This bracelet provides a subtle splash while blending flawlessly with gold earrings or a silver necklace. 18K gold accents elevate this bracelet into a statement piece that is perfect from day to night.

Keep it Classic

To keep your suitcase light, create a more subtle jewelry look that can be worn over and over again. Classic glamour will elevate your style without taking all the attention and requiring valuable suitcase space. A gold link bracelet is the classic piece of jewelry that fits the bill. From day to night, the traditional link styling in signature caviar beading adds intrigue without pulling all the focus from your look as a whole. Plus, the simplicity of the design lends itself to be worn day in and day out. This 18K gold bracelet adds just a touch of luxury around your wrist to make your look just a little more glamourous no matter where you travel across the globe.

Get Upgraded with Diamonds

For those of you wanting to make more of an impact while travel, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Diamond Stud Earrings are the perfect travel accessory for looking your best, even when flying a red-eye!  Sterling Silver and 18K gold blend effortlessly in signature caviar beading. Accented with center diamonds, these stud earrings are perfect for the traveler who needs a versatile earring without sacrificing glamour.

LAGOS offers a variety of sophisticated jewelry options for those on the go. Stay stylish this summer no matter where your life may take you. From the beach to the city, we have versatile pieces that can mix and match for any occasion. Shop our collections today for your ultimate travel look.

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Discover the Elegance of Mixed Textures

The intricacy of caviar beading has long been a staple of LAGOS style. The new High Bar collection plays off that complexity with complementary smooth 18K gold accents. This sophisticated collection adds the timeless elegance of smooth 18 Karat gold to classic sterling silver caviar pieces.

Elevate Your Style with a Pendant

The High Bar Caviar Pendant features a smooth 18K gold station flanked by sterling silver caviar beading. This effortless style will easily transition from day to night. The mix of textures provides a level of intrigue while the classic two-tone look makes this piece timeless. Paired with a caviar beaded chain in silver and gold, this amazing necklace offers versatility as you can easily mix and match both pieces with other LAGOS pieces.

Make a Statement with a Ring

A ring is the perfect option for those that prefer something with a little less fuss. The High Bar gold caviar ring elevates a classic caviar ring with a band of smooth 18K gold for added glamour. The two-tone style offers versatility in mixing with other pieces from the High Bar collection or signature caviar pieces. A wider band makes a bold statement while offering durability.

Add Layers with a High Bar Bracelet

Nothing is easier to mix and match that a set of bracelets. The High Bar collection offers a variety of two-toned bracelets that can easily layer with other LAGOS pieces. Combine signature caviar with the smooth 18K gold of the High Bar collection or opt for something more glamorous by stacking with a diamond bracelet featuring classic caviar beading.

Mixing textures is a sure fire way to add sophistication and edge in one piece of jewelry. Create an interesting look with the LAGOS High Bar collection. The two-tone styles flawlessly match other LAGOS pieces while also adding a statement that is all its own.

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Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos has a passion for travel.  He has a natural curiosity for art, culture, people, and the world around him. He soaks in the unique qualities of all the places he visits. This incurable wanderlust inspired a beautiful new collection called The Mandala.

The Mandala is a symbol that in its most distilled form represents the universe and the idea that life is never-ending.  This concept has always appealed to Steven Lagos.  Over the years he has collected several, “I have mandalas displayed everywhere – in my office, and in my studio.  I find them fascinating. There’s something about the strength and purity of circles that I love.”

This Collection incorporates Steven’s love of gemstones.  Each piece is adorned with colorful stones and diamonds. They features intricate designs made from 18K gold and sterling silver that require an expert eye for detail.  The new Mandala collection will be available exclusively on and at our spring trunk show events.

Experience this Wanderlust today.

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Jewelry to pack on your next getaway

The days are longer, the weather is warming, and summer Friday’s are in your future.  It’s time to pack your bags and head away for the weekend.  Whether you’re jetting to the beach or touring a new city we have the perfect jewelry packing tips to keep the focus on your next adventure.

Summer is the time to keep things simple and uncomplicated, the same is true with your jewelry. When selecting what pieces to bring avoid choosing too many pieces and try to select items that are light.  This will help prevent unnecessarily weighing down your suitcase (you’ll need room to bring back souvenirs).

Now that you know you can’t over pack, it’s time to choose wisely.  Aim to bring neutral items that will pair well with a variety of looks.  We recommend small hoops, studs or a classic pearl for earrings that are always chic. Our Mixed metal bracelets are also nice as they complement each other and pair well with all pieces in the LAGOS collection.

Try to avoid jewelry that is clunky or might tangle.  The last thing you need before heading to a wonderful dinner is worrying about untangling a necklace.  Thinner chains are more likely to tangle so if you do want to pack a dramatic long chain necklace, opt for one with a thick chain and tie it in one knot to keep it from further tangling while traveling.

If the idea of keeping it simple is too much, and you really need to pack multiple pieces try statement rings.  They are light, won’t weigh your bag down and they certainly won’t take up much space in your suitcase.

Now that you’ve made your perfect picks, make sure to pack them in your carry-on and don’t forget to tag @lagos_jewelry in all of your wonderful vacation pics!

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Don’t Sing the Blues this Spring…Wear Them!

Nothing says spring like a little pop of color. Turquoise is the perfect way to transition from late winter into spring and summer. This robin’s egg blue hue has long been attributed with healing powers and  we could all use a little extra energy after a long winter. Natural variation in shades and veining creating a look that is uniquely yours!

Start Simple

If you are new to turquoise, it is best to keep the style simple and let the color do the talking. The Beaded Turquoise Bangle provides just a splash of color while maintaining a streamlined silhouette.  This slim bangle is perfect for a slight pop of color or to stack with other styles for a more dramatic look. If the full turquoise look isn’t your style, consider the Stacking Bangle that alternates sterling silver caviar beading with turquoise beading for a downplayed look that still surprises with color.

Transition from Day to Night with a Tear Drop

The teardrop turquoise earring is incredibly versatile as it allows convenience in a close fitting style but adds intrigue for a night on the town. Surrounded by caviar beading the turquoise gemstone offers a unique and elegant look that pairs well with a pair of a jeans or adds a pop of color to a little black dress. Finished with 14K gold posts, these earrings are a perfect fit for sensitive ears.

Spice Up Your Neckline

The beaded turquoise necklace comes in a length that provides ultimate flexibility. With 34 inches of turquoise beads and sterling silver accents, you can opt to wear it long and simple, or wrap it around a couple of time for a more dramatic and layered look. For a more unique look, layer this beaded necklace with another gemstone or sterling silver necklace in varying lengths.

Turquoise provides casual elegance that can effortlessly transition from day to night. It is a perfect four-season gemstone that can be worn all year long, but it especially perfect as we transition from winter to spring. The blue tones are the perfect pop against melting snow and early sunshine.

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