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Create a Timeless Look with Pearls

Pearls are the epitome of class. They are treasured by their owners and carefully taken care of, and when treated well can become treasured family heirlooms. The Luna Collection from LAGOS has taken the traditional, classical pearl and combined it with signature Caviar beading to create something that you will want to pass down through your family for generations.

Pearl Earrings

Classic pearl earrings can be worn with anything. The Pearl Earrings in the Luna Collection from LAGOS are no different. Not only are the pearls high quality but the addition of Caviar beading takes these pearl earrings to a different level. The beading frames the pearl perfectly and adds a distinctly LAGOS design element to the pair.


Pearl Bracelets

We’ve all seen a beautiful pearl bracelet, but the Pearl Two Strand Bracelet from LAGOS is truly stunning. The freshwater cultured pearls are gorgeous and the silver caviar beading stations in between each pearl showcase quality design while adding a little silver shimmer to the bracelet.

Pearl Necklaces

If traditional pearls are not quite your taste, LAGOS has a great option for you! Try the much more modern Pearl Necklace from the Luna Collection. Made from freshwater Keshi pearls, this necklace will stand out in any setting. No two pearls are the same shape or size, but are handpicked. Your necklace will not only be unique, but also the highest of quality.

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Silver or Gold? How About Both?

Trying to decide between silver or gold for your next pair of earrings? Luckily LAGOS has you covered and offers a variety of options in a two-tone style. Why choose between gold and silver when you can have both!

Start with Simple Studs

For a simple look that mixes both gold and silver flawlessly, the beaded stud earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry box. As one of our best-sellers, these studs feature intricate detailing while maintaining a simple style for the most active women. For those that like to switch back and forth between gold and silver, the caviar front-back earrings provide options to easily mix and match silver and gold as your outfit requires.

Ease into Elegance

For a more polished style, look no further than drop earrings from LAGOS. Caviar gold beading mixed with sterling silver creates a sophisticated two-tone look that is perfect for a night on the town.  Knot drop earrings create an intricately woven style that can elevate any outfit. Add pearls to a two-toned drop earring for a classy style that works from garden party to evening wedding.

Go Glam with Gemstone

Two-toned gold and silver is the perfect combination for any earring. Add gemstones for a pop of color and make the style completely yours. Blue topaz drop earrings are the perfect mix of color accented by gold and silver caviar beading. Deep blue topaz is a phenomenal hue that transitions from winter to spring effortlessly.

Don’t compromise your style this winter. There is no need to choose between gold and silver when you can choose two-toned styles from LAGOS. Whether you desire something simple or need something more formal, LAGOS has an option for you!

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Time is Luxury

Smart Caviar is the first fine jewelry bracelet designed for the Apple Watch.  The bracelet was first born of Steven Lagos’ admiration for the iconic Apple Watch.  He favored the sleek watch face and the functionality, but he felt something was missing, there was no fine jewelry option. He then sought to design a bracelet that would elevate the Apple Watch and make it desirable for every occasion. In his words, “I really wanted to create a bracelet that would transform it from a casual watch to a jewelry watch.”

This bracelet is the next evolution of Caviar jewelry. This clever design can be mixed and stacked with any LAGOS style.  The watch bracelet is expertly handcrafted in sterling silver, sterling silver with 18K gold and diamond pave. Each bracelet layers effortlessly with other Caviar jewelry collections allowing our customers to create their own unique look or to wear alone as a statement piece.

Smart Caviar continues the innovative design and technology that has become synonymous with LAGOS quality. It is a testament to the attention to detail and classic luxury that defines the brand.  For more details on Smart Caviar follow along on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Time is Luxury


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Layers to Love: How to Style your LAGOS Necklaces

Layered jewelry is one of the coolest trends for the spring and also here at LAGOS.  With warm temperatures approaching some freshly styled necklaces can easily take the place of your favorite scarf.  Layering necklaces is a fun and easy way to add a stylish twist to pieces you already own.   We’ve compiled some key tips that will teach you how to layer necklaces with ease this season.

  1. Start with a mix of necklace lengths

In order to give your layers dimension, each necklace you choose should be a different length.  This ensures that each necklace will shine on its own and not get overshadowed by another pendant or design.

  1. Wear at least 3 necklaces

Once you’ve found several necklaces that will work it’s time to work with what number looks best.  Three is a great place to start, pick necklaces in short, medium and long lengths.  Additional layers should fall in one of these categories.  It helps to shop for extra-long necklaces that can be doubled up for an added bit of style.

  1. Play with different materials

Select from either gold, silver or if you love both, two-tone is a great option.  Mixing metals is versatile, adds dimension and is easy to style with your overall look.

Layering should be fun, don’t be afraid to try several combinations this spring. Shop all of our latest necklace styles from pendants to pearls on and share your layering style on Instagram with hashtag #MyLAGOSMyWay!

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Black Caviar – The Innovative New Styles

A master jeweler and consummate problem-solver, Steven Lagos thrives on the challenges of design.  So it’s no surprise that our Black Caviar collection is one of our most beautiful and innovative.  Black Caviar is the result of over three years of design and craftsmanship expertise.

What makes Black Caviar jewelry so unique?  It’s made from a high-luster ceramic that is crafted like gold or silver and never loses its shine owing to the scratch resistant nature of the ceramic.  When asked about the new material, Steve acknowledged, “I love to experiment with texture, scale and color.  Ceramic opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.”

The ceramic is designed to form delicate beads which are then strung using an exceptional and unique technique known as nesting.  Nesting allows for the beads to rest snugly together to form a smooth rope-like strand that elegantly hugs the wrist.

This season the collection exudes confidence, polish and poise.  Each new piece features sterling silver and fine diamonds which create a striking contrast to the black Caviar beads.  When asked why this collection is so strong, Steve explains, “I suspect a lot of its success is due to the way Black Caviar makes women feel… it always feels right – wherever, whenever and whoever you are.”

This season’s new styles are instant classics, the collection features art deco-inspired earrings, rings, and pendants that can be easily worn with many of the other LAGOS collections.


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Keep it Classic with Pearls

When it comes to classic style, pearls are a mainstay. Pearls exude sophisticated glamour by adding subtle iridescence to all type of jewelry. Paired with caviar beading, the Luna collection from LAGOS offers timeless allure for all.

Start with Some Subtle Studs

If pearls aren’t currently a staple in your jewelry rotation, starting simple it usually best. Pearl stud earrings are a great way to start your love affair with the understated gemstone.  14K gold posts are great for sensitive ears and the slight hint of caviar beading that peeks from behind the pearls make mixing and matching with your other LAGOS pieces a breeze.

Dress Up Your Wrist

A simple bracelet is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any look. The Pearl Caviar Bracelet mixes freshwater cultured pearls with signature caviar beading in sterling silver and 18k gold. The two tone base is perfectly complemented by the subtle shimmer of pearls for a look that uniquely LAGOS. This bracelet is a wonderful addition to a cozy sweater at brunch or to a basic black dress for dinner with the in-laws.

Make a Statement with Black Pearls

If a classic white pearl is too simple for your edgy style, black pearls are a fantastic option. The black pearl necklace offers a  timeless silhouette that contrasts with black Tahitian pearls and two-tone caviar beading. This innovative design creates a dynamic look that is sure to impress while maintaining classic caviar beading that will never go out of style.

Mixing pearls with signature caviar beading is a match made in heaven. Add timeless beauty to your jewelry box in 2019 with the Luna pearl jewelry collection from LAGOS. From stud earrings to pearl beaded necklaces, you are sure to find a piece that matches your unique style.

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Build a Jewelry Wardrobe with LAGOS

Starting your jewelry collection can seem daunting for those trying to curate a collection that reflects your unique style. However, LAGOS offers a variety of pieces that are perfect for those trying to build a sophisticated jewelry wardrobe from scratch.

Start Simple

Versatility is key when starting your jewelry collection. Finding pieces that can be worn for a variety of occasions or layered with other pieces can be easily achieved with signature caviar beaded styles from LAGOS.

A classic beaded bracelet is the perfect start to a sophisticated jewelry look. With timeless style, this bracelet can be worn to a job interview for an extra dash of confidence or with a little black dress for that perfect first date. Sterling silver is the perfect complement for almost any outfit that adds a touch of glamour without attracting too much attention. Make it extra special with an engraving to remind you of a special date or a classic monogram.

Opt for a Classic Hoop

When it comes to earrings, the classic hoop silhouette is ideal for a day to night look. Worn with a sleek ponytail, caviar hoop earrings add a bit of an edge to a daytime style. Let your hair down and add a statement jacket for happy hour with girlfriends. 14K gold posts are perfect for the most sensitive ears while the sterling silver caviar beading add some interest while matching well with other silver pieces.

Create a Subtle Pop

While keeping within a single palette it best when building a jewelry repertoire, sometimes you need to make more of a statement. Mixing in another metal is the perfect way to branch out from your comfort zone. Hop on the rose gold trend with a slim rose gold stacking ring. The slender design can be worn alone or paired with any other rings in your jewelry box. Caviar beading flawlessly blends with other caviar pieces.

As your style evolves, so will your jewelry box. By creating a base of signature pieces, you will be able to easily blend timeless caviar jewelry with trendy or edgier looks. LAGOS offers plenty of styles that will form a wonderful foundation for years to come.

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Say it with Silver…and 18K Gold!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between 18k gold and silver when it comes to your jewelry look. Sterling silver offers cool glamour while gold offers a classic allure that is undeniable. At LAGOS, we understand this decision is not one to take lightly. However, instead of picking silver or 18k gold, we designed two-tone jewelry pieces that blend both metals for a unique look that never compromises on style.

When you can’t decide between 18k gold or silver, a two-tone look is the way to go. Two-tone styles provide maximum versatility as they can be effortlessly paired with any of your other jewelry pieces. For a daytime look, a two tone caviar bracelet is the perfect accessory to add classic flair at the office. To take your look into evening, add a two-tone diamond necklace for a night on the town.

If you are aiming for a more subtle way to integrate both metals, try the caviar front-back earrings. With gold on one side and silver on the other, these stud earrings provide a unique and dramatic appeal. They offer ultimate versatility with our unique caviar beading. Pack them for any trip and you will be good to go no matter the occasion.

Two-tone jewelry offers a splash of warmth as 18k gold and sterling silver flawlessly mesh into a single piece. As gold and silver work together, they create a unique look that adds polish and glamour to any style. LAGOS has an extensive collection of two-toned pieces from bangles and cuffs to earrings and pendant necklaces.  Whether your style is more demure and classic or you like to be the talk of the town, there is a piece for you that mixes silver and 18k gold for the ultimate look in accessories.

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The Timeless Look of Silver

When it comes to creating a classic look, silver jewelry is the perfect accent to any style. Whether you are running errands around town but still want to look chic, or preparing for a big night out, sterling silver jewelry are the perfect accessory to complete your wardrobe.

Create A Fashion-Forward Look

While a single silver piece may seem classic, a more fashion-forward look is easy to achieve with some simple layering. With a versatile palette, stacking a silver bangle with a caviar cuff can pack a punch when paired with a simple tee and jeans. Or add a gemstone caviar bracelet and your silver bracelet stack is a perfect addition to a little black dress.

Travel In Style

Packing for a trip, whether business or pleasure, can be a bit daunting. When it comes to accessories, it is best to stick with a single palette and enjoy some versatility without overpacking. LAGOS silver jewelry adds just a little glamour without being too flashy throughout your travels. Grab a versatile pair of silver hoops to maintain your chic style and add a bold statement ring to be ready for a day of adventure or relaxing.

Dazzle Your Neckline

We all know that when it comes to making a statement, the right necklace can set the tone for your whole outfit. A silver pendant necklace can add a pop of color while maintaining flexibility in style. For a more classic look, pair silver with pearls for a necklace that can go from day to night in a snap.  Silver necklaces from LAGOS provide options for every neckline. Whether you are looking for a simple chain or a more dramatic pendant, a silver necklace is a fantastic way to add subtle glamour to every occasion.

Start your style with silver jewelry from LAGOS. With a variety of silhouettes, you are sure to find the look that is right for you. With extensive mix and match potential, sterling silver provides the perfect building blocks for a style that is all your own. Handcrafted caviar beading adds texture to a simple finish to create an intriguing look that is far beyond basic.


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The New Cuff: Signature Caviar Designs for the Season Ahead

Designer Steven Lagos approaches jewelry design with the guiding principal of form follows function.  Each piece comes to life through a thoughtful process of creating jewelry that can be comfortably worn every day.  Our new cuff style is one of our latest styles that is a result of creating a bracelet that is as beautiful as it is easy to wear.

The new cuff bracelet is an endlessly stylish silhouette that has been reimagined with our classic Caviar texture.  Each bracelet cuff is capped with the highest quality gemstones.  The gemstones are cut and polished with intricate facets or a high-dome cabochon to enhance the natural beauty of the stone.

This Fall LAGOS is introducing a new two-tone style with a stunning gold cap, perfect to complement your LAGOS bracelet stack.  The two-tone cuff is an essential piece to add to your LAGOS collection and an easy piece to style and wear every day with silver or gold (or both!)

The new cuff style is a part of our Signature Caviar collection.  The Signature Caviar collection embodies our most iconic designs.  The Caviar beading of each design brings a luminosity to the jewelry, creating a lasting shine that is both captivating and wearable.  This season the Signature Caviar collection introduces several new earring styles and a crossover statement ring.  For style inspiration and a preview of our newest collections follow along on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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