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Elevate your Earring Look this Summer

If you are looking for an easy and on-trend way to make a splash this summer we suggest an updated to your earring collection. Elevate your look from simple to chic with a great pair of earrings from LAGOS.

A stunning pair of earrings will draw attention to your face which is perfect with a summertime glow! Frame your face with a pair of designer earrings from LAGOS to complement any outfit day and night!

Building your earring repertoire offers ultimate flexibility in style preference. For example, the more simple, yet sophisticated Gold Drop Earrings are perfect for that business presentation coming up on your calendar. After you dazzle the board room, hit the town to celebrate. Swap out your earrings for some Maya Drop Earrings or Gold Caviar Hoops for a fun & flirty girl’s night out!

Let your earrings tell the story you want to tell! LAGOS offers a variety of styles for any occasion. When you are looking to make a statement without a lot of fuss, earrings are the way to go! Check out our designer earring collection today and find your perfect look!

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Discover the Elegance of Mixed Textures

The intricacy of caviar beading has long been a staple of LAGOS style. The new High Bar collection plays off that complexity with complementary smooth 18K gold accents. This sophisticated collection adds the timeless elegance of smooth 18 Karat gold to classic sterling silver caviar pieces.

Elevate Your Style with a Pendant

The High Bar Caviar Pendant features a smooth 18K gold station flanked by sterling silver caviar beading. This effortless style will easily transition from day to night. The mix of textures provides a level of intrigue while the classic two-tone look makes this piece timeless. Paired with a caviar beaded chain in silver and gold, this amazing necklace offers versatility as you can easily mix and match both pieces with other LAGOS pieces.

Make a Statement with a Ring

A ring is the perfect option for those that prefer something with a little less fuss. The High Bar gold caviar ring elevates a classic caviar ring with a band of smooth 18K gold for added glamour. The two-tone style offers versatility in mixing with other pieces from the High Bar collection or signature caviar pieces. A wider band makes a bold statement while offering durability.

Add Layers with a High Bar Bracelet

Nothing is easier to mix and match that a set of bracelets. The High Bar collection offers a variety of two-toned bracelets that can easily layer with other LAGOS pieces. Combine signature caviar with the smooth 18K gold of the High Bar collection or opt for something more glamorous by stacking with a diamond bracelet featuring classic caviar beading.

Mixing textures is a sure fire way to add sophistication and edge in one piece of jewelry. Create an interesting look with the LAGOS High Bar collection. The two-tone styles flawlessly match other LAGOS pieces while also adding a statement that is all its own.

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Silver or Gold? How About Both?

Trying to decide between silver or gold for your next pair of earrings? Luckily LAGOS has you covered and offers a variety of options in a two-tone style. Why choose between gold and silver when you can have both!

Start with Simple Studs

For a simple look that mixes both gold and silver flawlessly, the beaded stud earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry box. As one of our best-sellers, these studs feature intricate detailing while maintaining a simple style for the most active women. For those that like to switch back and forth between gold and silver, the caviar front-back earrings provide options to easily mix and match silver and gold as your outfit requires.

Ease into Elegance

For a more polished style, look no further than drop earrings from LAGOS. Caviar gold beading mixed with sterling silver creates a sophisticated two-tone look that is perfect for a night on the town.  Knot drop earrings create an intricately woven style that can elevate any outfit. Add pearls to a two-toned drop earring for a classy style that works from garden party to evening wedding.

Go Glam with Gemstone

Two-toned gold and silver is the perfect combination for any earring. Add gemstones for a pop of color and make the style completely yours. Blue topaz drop earrings are the perfect mix of color accented by gold and silver caviar beading. Deep blue topaz is a phenomenal hue that transitions from winter to spring effortlessly.

Don’t compromise your style this winter. There is no need to choose between gold and silver when you can choose two-toned styles from LAGOS. Whether you desire something simple or need something more formal, LAGOS has an option for you!

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Wrap Your Wrist in Gold

With a variety of gold bracelet options from LAGOS, there are plenty of ways to finish your look with a little glamour on your wrist. From layering multiple delicate bangles, to selecting the perfect statement-making cuff, there are lots of style options in gold for any style.

Layer Your Look

Create an arm party by mixing gemstone beaded bracelets with a simple gold beaded bracelet. Complement your personal style with gemstones of your choice while the simplicity of gold brings a classic elegance that will transition from season to season. Whether you are getting coffee in jeans and a sweater or enjoying happy hour in a little black dress, a stack of bracelets accented with gold is the perfect accessory.

Gold Bold

For the more daring, a statement gold bracelet adds a real pop. The Caviar Gold Wrap Bracelet creates the illusion of stacked bracelets while providing a tonal look that is all glamour. This signature design surrounds your wrist in gold elegance and the intricate design of caviar beading. Meanwhile, the five strand Caviar Gold Bracelet provides an intriguing texture with a shiny gold double-button clasp. Perfect for a date night, this gold bracelet adds ultimate drama to your wrist.

Keep it Simple

The Gold Link Bracelet is sure to never go out of style with its classic allure and timeless silhouette. Perfect for all ages, the link style is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. There is no doubt this bracelet will be your go-to accessory for years to come for a variety of occasions. With signature caviar gold beading and a lobster clasp, this bracelet is every girl’s best friend.

No matter what your style may require, LAGOS has a bracelet option for you. With 18 karat gold and signature caviar beading, the gold bracelet of your choosing is a necessary addition to your jewelry repertoire. Shop the collection now!

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Give the Gift of Gold Jewelry

Believe it or not, the holidays are rapidly approaching and the season of giving is beginning. Luckily, LAGOS offers a variety of golden gifts for that special someone. The timeless glow of gold is sure to delight even the toughest to please. Whether you are searching for a friend, mother, sister, girlfriend or wife, a best seller from LAGOS is the perfect treasure.

For the woman in your life that enjoys the simple things, consider a pair of gold stud earrings. Our gold beaded studs are perfect for every occasion. From jeans and a sweater to a night on the town, the classic elegance of gold offers a little glamour while the intricately beaded style adds a creative pop to any outfit. A stud earring is perfect for those that live a more active lifestyle and are constantly on the move, but still is the perfect way to step up your style without sacrificing ease or comfort.

If the twelve days of Christmas is more your gifting style, start with five stacking rings from our collection. Begin with a Caviar Gold Ring and move your way through the collection. Add a Gold and Gemstone Ring or play with Black Caviar for some drama. Finish the look with a diamond stacking ring for a more glamorous look. Stacking rings offer ultimate versatility and give the recipient the opportunity to create a stack that is all her own.

Show your loved ones how much you care with a personalized gift from LAGOS. Gold is the perfect base for a thoughtfully engraved bracelet. With a classic monogram or surprise engraving, the Caviar Gold Beaded Bracelet is sure to impress. The gold beaded bracelet provides a timeless style that will fit any wardrobe. Add engraving and this gift is sure to be extra special!

No matter what you choose, the gift of gold is sure to please. Plus, our signature packaging creates a memorable and exquisite gifting experience. Give the gift of gold jewelry this holiday season!

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Say it with Silver…and 18K Gold!

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide between 18k gold and silver when it comes to your jewelry look. Sterling silver offers cool glamour while gold offers a classic allure that is undeniable. At LAGOS, we understand this decision is not one to take lightly. However, instead of picking silver or 18k gold, we designed two-tone jewelry pieces that blend both metals for a unique look that never compromises on style.

When you can’t decide between 18k gold or silver, a two-tone look is the way to go. Two-tone styles provide maximum versatility as they can be effortlessly paired with any of your other jewelry pieces. For a daytime look, a two tone caviar bracelet is the perfect accessory to add classic flair at the office. To take your look into evening, add a two-tone diamond necklace for a night on the town.

If you are aiming for a more subtle way to integrate both metals, try the caviar front-back earrings. With gold on one side and silver on the other, these stud earrings provide a unique and dramatic appeal. They offer ultimate versatility with our unique caviar beading. Pack them for any trip and you will be good to go no matter the occasion.

Two-tone jewelry offers a splash of warmth as 18k gold and sterling silver flawlessly mesh into a single piece. As gold and silver work together, they create a unique look that adds polish and glamour to any style. LAGOS has an extensive collection of two-toned pieces from bangles and cuffs to earrings and pendant necklaces.  Whether your style is more demure and classic or you like to be the talk of the town, there is a piece for you that mixes silver and 18k gold for the ultimate look in accessories.

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All About Rings

Gone are the days when your ring finger is the only one that deserves any decoration.  The latest trend in jewelry is stacking rings so it’s time to embrace all 10 or your perfectly manicured pointers.  Stacking rings are one of the easiest jewelry trends to embrace simply because there is no wrong way to style a stack.  Still not sure where to start?  Here are a few ideas to help you get inspired.

  • Play with texture and size. Sometimes mixing metals can be a challenge, so start by just picking one, either silver or gold, and playing with the textures or size of the rings you are stacking.
  • Play with color. Another way to create an interesting look is to keep the size of your stacking rings similar and vary the gemstones you style into the stack.  The more the merrier so stack as many on you like on one finger or spread your rings out over 3 or 4 to vary your look.
  • Make a statement. Sometimes one statement ring isn’t enough.  Stand out and your next event by styling multiple statement rings.  Picking colors that are complementary to your look will pull everything together.
  • Mix and match. Try layering stacking rings with other larger gemstone rings to create unique stacks.  Different looks can be created by styling these two different types of rings together.

Try one of our tips?  Share your style us by tagging #MyLAGOSMyWay on Instagram or tagging us on Facebook.  Still need to work on your ring collection? Check out some of our top styles here.

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Introducing Caviar Gold Jewelry


gold caviar jewelry

This fall, while LAGOS celebrates 40 years of inspiration and craftsmanship, the brand is also launching a highly-anticipated new collection. Caviar Gold has arrived.

This is a bold and sophisticated collection full of sculptural silhouettes. With styles ranging from collectible gold stacking rings to statement-making caviar drop earrings, stretch bracelets, and dramatic necklaces, there’s truly something for every LAGOS woman.

“I learned the art of goldsmithing early in my career and this is the culmination of years of refining technique and developing creative solutions,” said Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos. “I am happy to bring this bold, new collection to the LAGOS woman.”

gold caviar drop earrings


This collection features an array of unique new styles, as well as signature LAGOS looks reimagined in 18k gold.

One of our newest silhouettes, the Caviar beaded stretch bracelet, is an ingenious style that is comfortable, stackable, and lightweight. Its versatility makes it perfect for any occasion, day or night.


Another innovation is the coil bracelet. Chic and modern, they wrap to form a perfect fit on the wrist. These styles are available in solid 18k gold and Gold and Black Caviar.

Also new to the mix are bold yet easy-to-wear new drop earrings, available in two sizes, both are glamorous and can be the perfect accessory for any occasion.


We are also introducing a beautiful new collection of bold contrast – Gold and Black Caviar. These modern and sophisticated styles feature 18k gold paired with shiny black ceramic caviar beading.


This new assortment boasts several variations of our classic Caviar rope bracelet, chic varieties of our new coil, and various Caviar necklaces to layer and love.

Discover all of our new gold styles and more at





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Luxe Jewelry Looks


luxe black caviar diamond bracelets

Whether it’s the dazzle of diamonds or the glitter of gold, a bit of sparkle is the perfect accessory for any look. No matter what the occasion, our most luxe LAGOS looks are the ideal finishing touch to your style.

Dripping in Diamonds

luxe jewelry caviar spark

diamond drop earrings caviar classic bracelet diamond ring

There’s always an occasion for diamonds. For daytime, we love adding drama to your style with a pair of diamond earrings. Make things a little bolder by mixing and matching diamond bracelets and rings. Our newest collection, Caviar Spark, is a sterling silver and diamond collection that is perfect for layering with your favorite jewelry.

LAGOS diamonds are carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality, and each collection showcases these stunning stones in a unique way, usually accented by our exclusive Caviar design. How will you wear your diamonds?


Gold Goes with Everything

luxe diamond designs from the best selling collectionsluxe gold jewelry hoop earrings caviar diamond bracelet x ring with diamonds

At LAGOS, our favorite way to brighten up a look is to add gold. We exclusively use 18K gold and often use our Caviar beading to make our gold pieces stand out!

Classic enough for every day, we love gold  paired with diamonds or our Black Caviar collection. A sparkling gold and diamond ring paired with a major bracelet stack can look sophisticated for the office or for the evening. The possibilities are endless!


Bold & Unique

black caviar collection

black caviar with diamonds new enso ring and classic diamond earrings

When it comes to finding the perfect luxe look, sometimes bolder is better. Styles like our Black Caviar bracelets with gold and diamond accents are boldly feminine. Don’t be afraid to mix it up when it comes to luxe looks. A two-tone style that mixes gold and diamonds can easily work for day or night.


We’d like to see how you wear your most luxurious pieces. Celebrate your own style and share with us on Instagram with #MyLAGOSMyWay!

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