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Stay Glamourous At Home

While we may not be back to our normal everyday lives, there is no doubt our schedules are as packed as ever.  Wearing just a small piece of jewelry can help even our roughest days feel more normal.  LAGOS empowers women all over the world to maintain a chic look while juggling zoom calls, online learning, Instacart orders and more! Our most versatile pieces are the perfect option for women everywhere.

Tried & True Gold Bracelet

Nothing says classic elegance like a gold link bracelet. This 18K gold bracelet with caviar beading adds just a touch of sophistication without looking like you spent valuable time pulling yourself together. This is the perfect piece for a woman wanting just a touch of glamour without the fuss of an elaborate jewelry look.  This bracelet can be worn the whole day with a t-shirt and jeans now and transition to a cocktail party staple once we are back out socializing with others. Simplify your life with this highly versatile gold bracelet.

Subtle Stacking Rings

Simplicity has never been more prevalent than in a series of stacking rings from LAGOS. For a more active woman, bracelets can be a little intrusive. However, the subtle glamour of a set of stacking rings is sure to hold no one back. Start with some black caviar as a base for your look. Finish off your look with some classic gold for a ring stack that is sure to impress with minimal effort.

Stun in a Classic Hoop

The hoop earring is a timeless silhouette that can easily transition from day to night. A gold caviar hoop earring is sure to make any woman feel special even on the most stressful days. Let’s face it, most of us are opting for more ponytails than blowouts these days and the hoop earring is the perfect shape to make that ponytail looks just a little more upscale and zoom ready!

Jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be sophisticated. Our best sellers are meant to easily blend into your daily look with minimal time and effort. Signature caviar beading provides glamour without adding too much fuss to your daily routine. Shop our bestsellers now to keep your style on point through all your ups and downs.

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Maintain Versatility to Two-Tone Styles

LAGOS pays homage to Old Hollywood and Art Deco styles with their two-toned collection! Using both sterling silver and 18K gold calls back to when fashion was dramatic and intentional. While two-toned jewelry is super trendy in 2020, the craftsmanship and classic designs will bring these pieces into the future and on through forever.

Quirky Style & Serious Quality

Flirty and fun, the Signature Caviar Front-Back Stud Earrings start with 18K gold Caviar beads for the stud, and finish with a sterling silver and 18K gold Caviar bead starburst pattern dangling just under your earlobe. LAGOS covered every detail, making the back adjustable to suit the shape of your earlobes and using 14K gold posts for your comfort. These are a dream to wear!

A Perfect Match in Smooth Gold

LAGOS has done something very special with the High Bar collection. The focus of these pieces is a station of highly polished 18K gold that is warm and inviting. While it is possible to just choose one piece from this collection, that’s hard to do when they are just so beautiful in a vignette. Check out the  Drop Earrings, Gold Cuff Bracelet and Caviar Pendant Necklace.

Crafted in a beautiful teardrop shape, each station is unique, inspired and intentional. The Drop Earrings feature an 18K gold teardrop station set in tight sterling silver Caviar beads, with a small gold stud and finished with 14K gold posts for comfort. The Gold Cuff Bracelet features two 18K gold teardrop stations at the opening, with two more 18K gold stations set into sterling silver Caviar beads and finished up with a sterling silver with a hinge clasp.

For a more dramatic look, the High Bar Caviar Pendant Necklace is so special, with elements and features exclusive to LAGOS. The teardrop 18K gold station is surrounded by sterling silver. Caviar beads are hung on a sterling silver chain that adjusts from 18” to 16”. Two heart links (one in 18K gold and the other in sterling silver) decorate the chain and two stations of 18K gold Caviar beads finish off the look.

A Ring in a Class all its Own

Ideal to wear with any other piece from the High Bar or Signature Caviar collections, the High Bar Gold Caviar Ring is truly a one-of-a-kind piece! With an eye-catching station of smooth 18K gold braced on each side by stations of sterling silver Caviar beads, looking away is sometimes not an option. This ring is the perfect gift – it’s fashion forward and is the LAGOS quality and craftsmanship that you trust.

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New Engravable Caviar Gold Styles Have Landed

The LAGOS 18K Caviar gold collection is one of our most popular collections. Just recently launched, it’s been an instant hit owing to beautiful, high quality designs. It’s no surprise that founder and designer Steven Lagos wanted to continue to design new styles for the collection. This fall we are thrilled to introduce our latest engravable gold styles.

This new suite is comprised of delicate stud earrings, a pretty ring, bracelet and necklace. Each piece has a small gold circle which is lovely on its own but made even more special with engraving. Our latest engraving options have something for everyone.  Go beyond traditional initials with a cute heart emoji or even an astrological symbol for your birthday.

These pieces are also ideal for layering together when you style them.  The pendant necklace can be adjusted to hang at 2 different lengths so you can style it with ease.  The delicate chain doesn’t tangle so it’s ideal to mix in with your other favorite LAGOS necklaces.  The bracelet is also ideal for layering. It’s lightweight and adds the perfect touch of gold shine to your bracelet stack.

Whether you are looking for the perfect personalized gift or definitely need to treat yourself, the new gold collection is the perfect place to start!

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LAGOS introduces the Color Switch Ring

It’s finally here! The new LAGOS Color Switch ring. This is one of our most exciting launches this fall. The new ring is a totally unique take on making your LAGOS style personal.  What makes the Color Switch ring so chic?  In addition to a stunning gold ring, there a 5 sets of colorful ceramic rings that can be mixed and matched to style the ring any way you like.  The ceramic rings come in white, black, light blue, dark blue, and pink.  Best of all, they are all included in the set.

The new ring comes in 3 styles, a classic gold ring, gold and diamond version, and a full diamond band. All of the ceramic bands can be worn interchangeably with the ring so there is no limit to your creativity! Having a Zoom bridal shower, why not wear the white ceramic rings? Maybe a beach side dinner is the perfect excuse to wear the dark blue.  We also love seeing the different colors styled together, why not try one black band and one white if you can’t make up your mind!

As with all of our LAGOS styles the Color Switch ring is designed to pair perfectly with your existing collection. Stack it with your favorite Caviar bracelets and rings and be sure to share your style with us by tagging @lagos_jewelry in your photos!

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Your WFH routine starts with LAGOS

Like team LAGOS, you might be sheltering-in-place, staying safer-at-home, or in self-quarantine to protect your health. However, it is important for your mental health to stick to a routine while you are working from home. Sometimes the easiest way to be the best version of “you” is to wear a smile and a smattering of shiny things!

Shine Bright From Afar

Zoom meetings can be morale killers, but LAGOS is here with the Caviar Gold Gold Necklace to keep the excitement alive during your morning video-conference and your kiddo’s online classes.

Nine 18K gold graduated beads sit front and center on a beautiful 18K gold chain that adjusts from 16” to 18”, making it easy to layer with another necklace or to show off the beautiful crew-neck cashmere sweater you may or may not be wearing with yoga pants.

A Bauble to Light up your day! 

The Caviar Color Gemstone Ring is flawless. A bezel-set gemstone of your choice; Onyx, Swiss Blue Topaz or White Topaz, is set into a sterling silver band embellished with sterling silver and 18K gold Caviar beading.

Your normal gestures will become weighted and full of meaning with this ring catching the light in your home office and the eye of your coworkers in your video-conference.

Feel beautiful and put together with another LAGOS sparkling stunner. So good!

Casual Chic

There isn’t a reason to leave your house when you have LAGOS to keep you company. The effortlessly beautiful Signature Caviar Silver Bead Bracelet is a stretch fit bracelet of highly polished sterling silver beads with a sterling silver Caviar beaded accent.

This is such an easy piece to wear, and pairs delightfully with your Smart Caviar Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet. You’ll look smart, snazzy and LAGOS casual-chic with this everyday wear bracelet.

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Hoop Earrings Offer a Timeless Silhouette

Hoop earrings have played an important role in many cultures for thousands of years, symbolizing unity and strength. More than ever, they are having a major moment at LAGOS right now! With tons of styles, metals, stones and special LAGOS details (like 14K gold posts on EVERY PAIR), you’ll find your power pair right here.


Dainty Diamonds for Every Occasion

Do you save your luxury items for special occasions? Well, The Caviar Spark Hoop Earrings might change your view! Diamonds can be everyday wear, especially when they are paired with dainty sterling silver Caviar beads. Pop these on with your favorite blouse for an instant look, whether you’re off to a board meeting, grocery store or a night out with your special someone.


Big or Small, just GO FOR IT!

The classic gold hoop has received the LAGOS treatment! The Caviar Gold Hoop Earrings are available in 3 sizes (30mm, 50mm and 80mm diameters) and are solid 18K gold with a mobile Caviar beaded ball. As you’ve grown to expect, LAGOS spares no details and added a Caviar bead retainer to keep the ball on the hoop. With a size for every personality, anyone can indulge!

A little bit of happiness

When choosing a gift, jewelry is both easy and hard! For anyone on your list, the Signature Caviar Hoop Earrings are an easy way to please. Featuring a circle motif surrounded by sterling silver Caviar beads and accented with 18K gold, these small hoops are interesting and cozy. They’re the perfect price point to buy for all the lovely ladies in your life. What a better way than matching jewelry to feel close and connected with all your girlfriends?

No Nonsense!

Earlobe hugging hoops are a sensible way to rock hoop earrings, but sensible doesn’t have to mean boring! The Signature Caviar Hoop Earrings pump up the drama with super polished 18K gold with a row of sterling silver Caviar beads on each side. LAGOS really knows how to take a simple staple and give it inspired design details. These earrings are the perfect style and exceptionally crafted to be your go-to earrings for years to come.

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18K Gold Jewelry – A beautiful investment

Gold jewelry has long been seen as a staple in jewelry collections around the world. Admired for its beauty, but also for its value. Gold has maintained its desirability throughout the ages.

Gold has an interesting history, and has been used in fine jewelry for millennia. Some sources date its appearance in jewelry as early as 4000 B.C.

One of the reasons it has had such longevity is its inherent value. Oftentimes when the value of the dollar falls against other currencies, investors flock to the security of gold, which in turn, raises gold prices. In times of economic uncertainty, the price of gold soars. For example, gold climbed during the stock market crash of the early 2000s, when there was a 56% decline that lasted two full years. When economic conditions worsen, gold is viewed as an efficient tool for diversifying a portfolio.

A similar trend is emerging currently as our economy falters and unemployment levels are rising quickly. Bank of America raised its 18-month gold-price target to $3,000 an ounce – more than 50% above the existing price record. Now more than ever, the value of gold is evident and unassailable.

At LAGOS our pricing structure stays consistent. We have not raised retail prices on our designs amidst the rising price of gold.  LAGOS is committed to creating good value for our customers. Classic, fine jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also a great asset for the long term.

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Utilize Mixed Textures For a Sophisticated Look

The intricacy of caviar beading has long been a staple of LAGOS style. The new High Bar collection plays off those design details with complementary smooth 18K gold accents. This versatile collection adds the timeless elegance of smooth 18 karat gold to classic sterling silver caviar pieces.

Elevate Your Style with a Pendant

The High Bar Caviar Pendant features a smooth 18K gold station flanked by sterling silver caviar beading. Use this effortless style to transition from day to night without a second thought. The blend of textures provides a level of intrigue while the classic two-tone look makes this piece easy to pair with a caviar beaded chain in silver and gold.

Make a Statement On Your Fingers

For those that prefer something with a little less fuss, a ring is the perfect option. The High Bar gold caviar ring takes a classic caviar ring to the next level with a band of smooth 18K gold for added glamour. The two-tone style easily matches anything else in your jewelry box. However, for the ultimate statement, consider matching with another piece from the High Bar collection.

Add Layers with a High Bar Bracelet

Create a party on your arm with a set of bracelets. The High Bar collection offers a variety of two-toned bracelets that can easily layer with other LAGOS pieces or wear on their own. Combine signature caviar with the smooth 18k gold of the High Bar collection or opt for something more glamorous by stacking with a diamond bracelet featuring classic caviar beading.

Mixing textures is a sure fire way to add sophistication and edge in one piece of jewelry. Create a look that is sure to turn heads with the LAGOS High Bar collection. The two-tone styles flawlessly match other LAGOS pieces while also adding a statement that is all its own.

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Dressing for Awards Season, All You Need Are Diamonds!

Award season is in full swing and that means plenty of red carpets to walk.  Some of us here at LAGOS are avid fans of film, others just enjoy the fabulous dresses, but we all love the beautiful jewelry worn on the red carpets.  Everyone here has a favorite piece that would be our red carpet must-have and award winning style.  Check out the selects below!

Most Dramatic: Maya Statement Drop Earrings

These stunning earrings are a combination of dark onyx and dazzling diamonds.  Perfect with an updo these earrings are sure to make an entrance at any soiree.

Most Dazzling:  Caviar Gold Diamond Bracelet

18K gold Caviar beads truly shine with stations of diamonds interspersed in this intricate bracelet.  The wide style of the bracelet truly makes it a work of art, sure to outshine any other jewelry.

Best in Diamonds: Smart Caviar Diamond Watch Bracelet

The ultimate in luxury, our Smart Caviar bracelet with a full diamond band.  There is nothing more glamorous than a diamond bracelet for your smart watch.

Which LAGOS piece would you wear on the red carpet? Tag your looks and share with us on social using #MyLAGOSMyWay!

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Give the Gift of Gold

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and the season of giving is beginning. Luckily, LAGOS offers a variety of golden gifts for that special someone. The timeless glow of gold is sure to delight everyone on your list. Whether you are shopping for a friend, mother, sister, girlfriend or wife, a best seller from LAGOS is the perfect treasure.

For the woman in your life that loves the classics, consider a pair of gold stud earrings. Our gold Love Knot studs are perfect for every occasion. From jeans and a sweater to a night on the town, the classic elegance of gold provides glamour while the intricately beaded style elevates the design. The simple stud style is perfect for those that live a more active lifestyle and are constantly on the move, but still appreciate a gorgeous piece of luxury jewelry.

If the twelve days of Christmas is a tradition you love, five gold rings can easily be achieved with LAGOS’ extensive collection of stacking rings. Start with a base Caviar Gold Ring and move your way through the collection. Add a Gold Diamond Ring or play with Black Caviar for some drama. Finish the look with a diamond stacking ring for a piece that is sure to be the icing on the cake. Stacking rings offer ultimate versatility and give the recipient the opportunity to create a stack that is all her own.

Show your loved ones how much you care with some personalization. Whether you opt for a classic monogram or surprise engraving, the Caviar Gold Beaded Bracelet is easy to love. This gold beaded bracelet provides a timeless style that will fit any wardrobe. Engraving adds that special touch to ensure your gift is extra special!

No matter what you choose, the gift of gold will delight. Plus, our signature packaging creates a memorable and exquisite gifting experience. Give the gift of gold jewelry this holiday season!

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