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The Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – LAGOS Lapis

It’s no secret that here at LAGOS we love color.  Our gemstones are some of the best because our Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos is passionate for treasure hunting.  We were delighted this season when Pantone announced its Color of the Year – Classic Blue.  The rich, saturated color is a perfect match for our Lapis styles.  See how you can wear some of these pieces to be a part of the 2020 trend.

Our Maya drop earrings are one of the latest designs.  Three perfectly shaped circles of lapis layer atop one another to create a pretty earring that pops with color.  These earrings are the perfect piece to pack for your next trip as they add a pretty element to any look.

The Gemstone Bead Bracelet is another great option.  The light bracelet has a pretty 18K gold ball so it will layer beautifully with your gold pieces. The classic rich blue of lapis pairs nicely with a warm sweater or a light spring dress when the weather warms.  Best of all it layers with all of your other LAGOS pieces!

The Caviar Icon Gemstone Necklace is the ideal layering necklace. Delicate lapis beads are strung and finished with a pretty clasp, making this necklace easy to be worn long or doubled up.

There are so many more ways you can style your LAGOS lapis styles, we’d love to see them.  Be sure to snap a photo and share with the tag #MyLAGOSMyWay!

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The Beauty of Onyx

Onyx is one of our favorite gemstones.  Its deep black color and smooth finish make for a beautiful stone that stands out.  In addition to being a stunning stone, onyx is very easy to style as it pairs well with both 18k gold and sterling silver styles.  At LAGOS it is one of our most popular stones and is the star of our new Maya Collection.

Black onyx jewelry can be styled in many ways.  The rich black of the stone is beautiful enough to stand on its own and is nicely complemented by sterling silver.  Our new Maya earrings are a dramatic statement for day or night.  A pendant necklace also makes a stand out style statement.

At LAGOS we are all about layering.  We definitely recommend styling your onyx with some of our other pieces.  Onyx is a great contrast for clear and white gemstones like diamonds, pearls and topaz. White and black is a classic pairing, whether it is in jewelry or in clothing and is very easy to style.

Black onyx jewelry is also a great companion for dark gemstones like garnet, amethyst, and smokey quartz. The deep color of these stones shines even better against the opaque black of onyx.

All of our onyx pieces are designed to be layered and styled with the LAGOS you already own and love.  Share your style with us by tagging @lagos_jewelry on Instagram!

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Dazzle in the Colors of Autumn

The crisp breeze of an autumn evenings will soon be upon us, autumn is coming. As we put away our swimsuits and sundresses and get ready for cooler weather, our jewelry will transition from light and bright to something that compliments thick sweaters and many layers of our wardrobe.

Gemstone jewelry from LAGOS is the perfect way to continue utilizing color while giving a nod to the changing foliage. Warm tones in red, orange and brown are sure to make any basic sweater pop.

Get Creative with Citrine
Symbolizing creativity and clarity, citrine offers a bright pop of orange that is perfect for a fresh fall day. The Caviar Color Citrine necklace is a perfect layering piece that can be styled with your favorite sweater. Stay warm as the weather changes while basking in the brightness of the rich citrine gemstones. Sterling silver Caviar beading is sure to match flawlessly with any other Caviar jewelry piece. This layering style offers ultimate flexibility to wear as a single strand or double wrap around your neck for a more dramatic look.

Mystify In Smoky Quartz
Smoky quartz has been known for centuries for promoting harmony and peace. Coming off summer is the perfect time to center yourself for the busy season ahead. This rich golden brown gemstone is sure to turn heads as it provides a truly unique look. Depending on the light, Smoky Quartz can take on tones of amber and sienna. The gemstone caviar bracelet in Smoky Quartz is perfect to style over long sleeves. The intricate caviar beading offers subtle sparkle while a streamlined design provides a pop of color that will not go unnoticed.

Stay Positive with Garnet
Long believed to bring positive energy, garnet brings revitalizing properties and is thought to assist with self-confidence. Put your best foot forward with a pair of garnet drop earrings. Intricately beaded gemstone tassels are the perfect accent from day to night. During the cooler months, earrings offer the most flexibility to layer with scarves, coats, or turtleneck sweaters. The deep red garnet gemstones provide a glint of color that will carry your wardrobe from fall all the way through the holidays.

To find the gemstone that is right for you, check out our gemstone finder. Explore the various unique and colorful options that will add a pop to your Autumn wardrobe while creating a timeless look that is perfect all year round.

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Discover the Allure of Amethyst

Signifying renewal, amethyst is the perfect gemstone to incorporate into your look this spring. From a light lavender to a deep eggplant purple, amethyst offers a splash of color to a classic jewelry look. Whether you are looking for something more casual that add some dazzle to your daytime look or a more sophisticated evening style, our Amethyst collection has you covered.

As the weather heats up, chunky sweaters will give way to bare arms and short sleeves. An Amethyst beaded bracelet will perfectly complement spring florals as your wardrobe lightens up. Faceted amethyst gemstones provide a slight glimmer while a stretch fit offers incredible versatility and ease. The 18K gold station adds a luxe touch to this signature bracelet.

For a more structured look on your wrist, opt for an amethyst bangle. Smoothly polished sterling silver forms a round bangle with amethyst stones set inside. A 3mm width adds a delicate splash of color and the slip on style is perfect for layering with other caviar bangles from LAGOS.

If you are looking to add some color to your neckline, an amethyst necklace is the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection. Worn alone or layered with other caviar necklaces, this stunning necklace is sure to dazzle. With six amethyst gemstone stations and both sterling silver and 18K gold accents, this necklace will flawlessly layer with a variety of other pieces. The 34 inch length means you can wear it long or wrap it for an edgier look.

Spring into a brighter jewelry look with amethyst. Luxe purple hues are a wonderful complement to most pastels and floral clothing. Plus, signature caviar beading can be mixed and matched with almost any other piece from LAGOS. Shop amethyst jewelry now.

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Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos has a passion for travel.  He has a natural curiosity for art, culture, people, and the world around him. He soaks in the unique qualities of all the places he visits. This incurable wanderlust inspired a beautiful new collection called The Mandala.

The Mandala is a symbol that in its most distilled form represents the universe and the idea that life is never-ending.  This concept has always appealed to Steven Lagos.  Over the years he has collected several, “I have mandalas displayed everywhere – in my office, and in my studio.  I find them fascinating. There’s something about the strength and purity of circles that I love.”

This Collection incorporates Steven’s love of gemstones.  Each piece is adorned with colorful stones and diamonds. They features intricate designs made from 18K gold and sterling silver that require an expert eye for detail.  The new Mandala collection will be available exclusively on and at our spring trunk show events.

Experience this Wanderlust today.

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Gemstone to Know: Mother of Pearl

The newest addition to our Maya Collection is the perfect piece for your summer wardrobe: Mother of Pearl.  At LAGOS, mother of pearl is one of our favorites, it is characterized by its pretty white coloration and unmistakable iridescent sheen.  Evocative of the beach, this material is unique because it is found on the inside of sea shells. Mother of pearl often has a mutli-colored luster that adds a faint glow when it catches the light.  Clearly the perfect accessory for your next beach trip.

Similar to a lovely day by the ocean, mother of pearl is believed to have stress-relieving properties.  It is said to bring calmness and stimulate creativity in the wearer.

This season, we have explored several different styles in mother of pearl.  A statement ring surrounded by a halo of sterling silver Caviar beads adds shimmer to any look.  Dramatic drop earrings add a touch of summer chic and are easy to style with a breezy dress. Maya necklaces are made to be layered. Paired over a simple tank top for a causal summer lunch can be just the right look. Mother of pearl also looks great with other gemstone colors like turquoise and lapis. We recommend mixing and matching different pieces in a variety of layers for a look that is truly your own! Your LAGOS your way!

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Steven Lagos: Treasure Hunter

Designer Steven Lagos has a passion for gemstones and gemstone jewelry.  He travels all over the globe searching for the most beautiful gemstones that best help tell the story of his designs.  Creating jewelry designs inspired by nature and the earth’s elements is not as easy as it might seem.  Behind each stunning stone is a method and a story.

Steven Lagos refers to himself as a ‘Treasure Hunter’ when it comes to finding the perfect gemstone.  As gemstones are made in nature they can be a very unpredictable medium to work with.  Each year Steve travels the globe to meet with local artisans who specialize in gemstones specific to that area of the world.  Discovering what is available each season takes skill and a keen eye for quality. As Steve explains, “Everything we use is real. We’re subject to what’s coming out of the mines in the quantities and sizes that we need. That creates a whole other layer and mystery to the product.”

After finding the right stones for each collection Steve gets to work on creating gemstone jewelry designs that highlight and incorporate the natural beauty of the pieces he has found.  Oftentimes the right gemstone can inspire an entire design whether it be a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings, as Steve works to create art around the stone rather than forcing it into an existing piece. This results in the unique and truly original jewelry collections that are released each season.  The hunt never stops for Steve, which is why every year LAGOS is able curate new collections full of exciting designs.

Check out the video for more on the LAGOS philosophy on gemstones.

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The Wanderlust Collection

Designer Steven Lagos loves to travel.  This incurable wanderlust was the inspiration behind his most recent collection. Taking cues from the name, the Wanderlust Collection is an exploration of gemstones from around the world.   Many of the locations Steven Lagos has visited are represented in these exclusive designs.

The earrings and necklaces that make up the collection are all created with specific gemstones in mind.  In the words of Steven Lagos, “When we’re selecting stones, I’m always fascinated by color first. I don’t really think about it in a traditional sense. When I’m working on a piece, perhaps you can come up with a color that’s unexpected or has a bit of matrix to it that gives it more interest. “ It’s this attitude toward color that truly guides this collection. It features deep violet iolite from India, rhodolite from Brazil, Burma and Africa, and the exceptionally rare Tsavorite, which can only be found in Tsavo National Park in Tanzania.  These stones are gracefully brought together in complementary color designs to conjure different locales.

The first design brings together the warm reds which echo fine vintage wines.  It uses smoky quartz, diamonds, citrine, garnet and rhodolite gemstones to create a dramatic color palate of the Far East.

A second design brings together the cool blues of the ever shifting Caribbean Sea.  Gemstones such as Blue topaz and sapphire evoke the brilliant blue of a coral atoll and the sparkling shallows of sandy beaches.

The third design in the collection pulls together majestic purples gemstones. The striking royal purple and pale, dawn-light lavender of amethyst, peridot, blue topaz, and lemon quartz gemstones evokes mountain ranges in midsummer.

These unique pairings are exclusive to and completely one-of-a-kind.  Each gemstone was hand selected to create a design entirely its own.  No two designs are the same and only a limited quantity were created, certainly a must have items for the gemstone connoisseur.  Check out the full collection here.

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Gemstone Of The Week: Lapis

Lapis: The Universal Symbol For Wisdom And Truth

lapis drop earrings

Lapis is a deep, dark blue beauty that has been prized since antiquity for its intense color. It is one of the most sought after stones and the universal symbol for wisdom and truth. This season, we are embracing this gorgeous stone in our new Caviar Icon and Maya collections. With warmer weather & longer days on the horizon, this celestial stone is a glorious accent to your wardrobe.

Lapis perfectly pairs with LAGOS designs due to its dimensional color. Between the rich shades of blue hold delicate flecks of gold pyrite. This natural blend of minerals gives every lapis bead a unique depth of color.

caviar icon lapis jewelry tassel lariat necklace

Mix and match a lapis Caviar Icon necklace with gold or silver to enhance your style your LAGOS, your way.

The Caviar Icon collection honors the 1970s chic, bohemian sophistication. Our founder Steven Lagos began designing jewelry during these formative years. This collection is an homage to this creative spirit.

maya lapis doublet styles

These new silhouettes transform lapis into iconic LAGOS silhouettes, reinterpreting Caviar in color. We hope the powerful blue hue inspires your style.


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LAGOS invites you to take a closer look at the new Caviar Forever designs. The collection features our signature craftsmanship like no other; the graceful fluting of hand-carved gemstones, the unmatched diamond quality and expertly sculpted Caviar beading are at its finest.



Hand-carved, melon-cut beads in feminine shades of soft sky blue topaz, refined Rose de France and subtle green amethyst take center stage. Inspired by the Luna tassel necklace as well as the graceful fluting of the birdcage pendant, these sophisticated designs explore new gemstone techniques with a nod to our most iconic craftsmanship.


hand-set caviar forever gemstones artisan craftsmanship melon-cut jewelry

Master Jeweler and CEO, Steven Lagos has few things that he is more passionate about than finding the perfect gems.

“I source our unique gemstones all over the world.  I selected these beads for their fluted details. Adding a diamond was the perfect fine jewelry touch.”

 – Steven Lagos

Steven has traveled the world where he spends hours poring over the stones, searching for extraordinary colors, exquisite shapes and unique cuts. The precious stones from his journeys are meticulously inspected by a team of trained experts to ensure they meet LAGOS’s rigorous quality standards.

The beauty of each stone of the Caviar Forever collection is captured by the graceful fluting, rich 18k gold accents and hand-set diamond.

Visit the Caviar Forever collection to browse the perfect petal soft gemstone hues of the season.


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