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It’s here, the second generation of our popular Smart Caviar collection is launching today.  The new Smart Caviar collection offers a set of distinct, luxe bracelets that help transition the sporty look of the Apple Watch® to a piece of fine jewelry. Naturally the new design has our signature Caviar beading and is designed for a modern lifestyle.

The new set of distinct, luxe bracelets are available in stainless steel and stainless steel and 18K gold. These new versions join the already popular sterling silver with diamond bands introduced last year.

Smart Caviar is designed for the modern woman. The lightweight, durable bracelet is versatile enough for every day wear and adds effortless style whether at work, at the gym, or at a formal function. The ease and practicality of a stainless steel bracelet is matched by the style and sophistication of LAGOS’ signature Caviar designs.

Every year we continue to seek out clever design solutions that go beyond expected materials traditionally found in fine jewelry.  The stainless steel is strong and durable with a fine jewelry finish that fits the LAGOS woman’s busy lifestyle.

“I love exploring different materials to bring beautiful and functional solutions to our customers,” said LAGOS Founder and Creative Director Steven Lagos. “With Smart Caviar, women can benefit from the functionality of the Apple Watch® without sacrificing their personal style.”

Smart Caviar is designed with the same fine craftsmanship that defines LAGOS jewelry and the ease of wear that makes it perfect for every day. The bracelets slip easily in and out of the Apple Watch® face and come with a sizing tool and extra links to ensure a comfortable fit.

Steven Lagos was one of the first to create the “Designer Fine Jewelry” category when he launched LAGOS more than 40 years ago. Since its inception, the brand has continued to look for ways to innovate its Caviar creations. Smart Caviar is the next evolution of the iconic design while remaining true to the original LAGOS values: integrity, intelligence, and innovation.

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Dazzle in Gold this Fall

Gold Necklaces

Gold necklaces are one of the biggest trends for fall. They are anything but boring and simple. They aren’t as fancy as a diamond ring or a pearl necklace and are perfect to be worn every day. A beautiful gold necklace is vital to your jewelry box. From delicate to statement-making, find your gold necklace style with some help from LAGOS!

The Gold Chain 

Keep it simple! A gold link necklace is perfect is for those of us that are jumping from different types of events. If you find yourself not having time to head home between your day job to your nightlife, a gold chain may be your best bet. And when LAGOS adds caviar beading to a gold chain, it becomes something much more special!

Black Caviar 

Need a more interesting look with your gold necklace?  Consider mixing gold with black caviar with the Gold & Black Caviar Beaded Necklace. This dramatic look will intensify any outfit and add something very unique to your look. Reminiscent of a tiger’s stripes, this piece is sure to garner plenty of compliments!

Gold and Diamonds

We love gold. We love diamonds. Why not combine them both? For a necklace that is all about high quality and true luxury we suggest the Diamond Caviar Necklace. This necklace has the best of everything and will be a standout on your neck.

No matter what type of gold necklace you are looking for, LAGOS will have you covered!

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We’re so proud of our Founder and Creative Director, Steven Lagos, the man behind your new favorite jewelry brand. A big thank you to The Daily Front Row for this great interview. You can read what Steven had to say below:

How did you first become interested in jewelry?
From a young age, I knew I wanted to live a creative life. I grew up in the ’70s when there was a focus on craft, and it had a huge influence on me. I started with a small trade shop and was able to gain a lot of experience working with the more seasoned jewelers in town. They became my mentors, and I learned the techniques and skills to become a master jeweler. I began selling to a high-end department store in Philadelphia. Then one day, I cold-called Neiman Marcus, and a year later they were creating a new category of bridge jewelry and asked me to be involved.

When you launched the brand, what was your initial vision?
I founded LAGOS based on the idea that jewelry is the most personal form of art you can own. I wanted to create jewelry that women would cherish and feel confident wearing. I saw that there was a gap in the marketplace for wearable fine jewelry, and I liked the idea of creating a product with a distinct point of view. I saw how Calvin Klein was building a brand with jeans, and I wanted to do that with jewelry.

How do you describe your aesthetic?
My approach to everything is form follows function. It’s easy to make things that look great, but it’s how things fill a physical or emotional need that make women cherish them.

How has that approach evolved over the years?
We’re always looking for ways to innovate our Caviar designs. I travel all the time and get inspiration from all over the world. I consider myself a treasure hunter because I’m out in the world, always looking for new materials to use. I go to dozens of shows each year searching for the next thing. For me, it’s really about taking old-world craftsmanship and enhancing it with technology, without changing what makes it special.

What do you consider to be your first major success?
Everyone measures success differently. I felt successful when I was running my trade shop. I felt successful when I first got into Neiman Marcus, and when we hit certain business milestones over the years. There hasn’t been one major moment; I continue to celebrate the successes as they come.

How was the Caviar Collection born?
Caviar is the signature design of LAGOS, featuring handcrafted beading that’s present in every piece in every collection. It was born in the 1980s when I was working on a hematite necklace that reminded me of caviar, which universally represents luxury. It felt like the perfect fit for the growing brand I was building, and customers have really responded well to it.

How do you achieve that Caviar effect in the manufacturing process?
Our process is proprietary, but I can tell you that the Caviar beading is crafted in ateliers by artisan jewelers, and it takes hundreds of steps to complete a single Caviar creation. The unique texture is really a feat of expert craftsmanship and engineering. It’s the nesting of the beads that make the jewelry move with the body and feel like a second skin.

What’s the story behind the “Smart Caviar” piece? How does that work with the Apple Watch or another smart device?
I developed Smart Caviar because I’m a big fan of the Apple Watch design and functionality, but I felt it was missing a fine jewelry element. As with all our collections, I just wanted to offer options. So we introduced Smart Caviar, a fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple Watch. It’s perfect for the modern woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice style in order to stay connected.

Where is LAGOS currently sold and distributed?
The brand is available at, as well as luxury retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and more than 250 independent jewelers around the country. We also have a flagship store in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square. In terms of scale, we currently sell over 250,000 pieces per year.

Why is LAGOS so popular in the Hamptons?
Our signature Caviar design is comfortable, wearable, and easily transitions from day to night. It works for the Hamptons lifestyle because it has a look that can take you from the beach to dinner.

What are your favorite things to do out East?
I wish I had more time to spend in the Hamptons. I spend most of my time “out East” but in Asia. I travel constantly for business and pleasure, and I love exploring local art, culture, and people.

What are your most popular pieces at the moment?
Smart Caviar is one of those rare collections that has been both commercially and editorially successful. It was a huge hit when we launched and continues to sell. Our classic Caviar rope bracelets in 18K gold, sterling silver, and black ceramic are also customer favorites.

How has the advent of social media changed your business?
I’ve always been an early adopter of technology, so we were quick to offer online access to our brand. It’s a great opportunity to connect directly with consumers in real time versus the old way, where we were only having one-sided conversations through advertising. Now, we can communicate with our loyal brand fans and introduce LAGOS to a new generation at the same time.

If you were to host a dream dinner party, who would the guests be?
I like spending time with interesting people who inspire me. The strong, bold women in my life would be first on my list — my daughter, my fiancé. Then probably some of the artists I follow and collect. In fact, I recently hosted a dinner party where we mixed journalists with politicians, artists, professionals in film and hospitality. It’s fun to see so many different personalities come together and inspire one another.

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Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Featured Designer: Steven Lagos



This month, designers and celebrities took to New York for the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards. The CFDA is a prestigious organization of the foremost fashion & accessories designers in the country.  Our very own Steven Lagos, designer and founder of LAGOS, took center stage as a featured member on the CFDA website.

The CFDA shared a bit of Steven’s backgrounds and the history of LAGOS. 40 years ago this summer, Steven began designing jewelry in Philadelphia and started his namesake brand. He always knew he wanted to create jewelry. “Jewelry is eternal and one of the most personal forms of art,” he shares.

LAGOS has evolved over the years, from the introduction of our exclusive Caviar design in 1984 to the arrival of Black Caviar in 2015, to a brilliant silver & diamond collection called Caviar Spark in 2017.

CFDA recognizes Steven for his beautiful designs, which are inspired by the art and culture he spots while traveling around the world. In addition, he is forever inspired by the LAGOS woman, the muse that represents bold femininity.

Join us in celebrating Steven Lagos and learning more about the CFDA here.


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LAGOS Design Inspiration


Have you ever thought about what goes into your favorite piece of jewelry? At LAGOS, each piece is carefully crafted using the best materials by master jeweler & designer, Steven Lagos.

Every style at LAGOS is designed to be as unique and special as the wearer. “Jewelry is a personal talisman. Fine jewelry is going to be a part of people’s lives for a very long time and we take that seriously when we are designing.”

Steven Lagos Caviar Spark InspirationAt LAGOS, our main goal is to create beautiful and timeless pieces that can be worn and cherished by many generations. The brand strives to use the absolute best materials, from our stunning sterling silver, 18k gold, and of course, our diamonds and gemstones.

Our newest collection, Caviar Spark, features diamonds in a new and unique way.

“Luxury for me is about light. It influences my designs and how I select the gemstones of our collections. When you have the perfect gemstones, the perfect diamonds, they really speak to you.”

Caviar Spark features sterling silver Caviar details mixed with high-quality diamonds. “The details in our pieces have to do with the light and the way it refracts. All of our designs are curved and sensual. The Caviar pattern attracts a great deal of light and creates almost a shimmer to the metal.”

The high quality diamonds used in our collections also contribute to the luxurious look and feel of our collections. LAGOS exclusively uses high quality diamonds for each collection.

Stay tuned to the blog to learn more about the inspiration behind your favorite LAGOS collections.


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Steven Lagos Discusses Caviar Color



Q: What makes Caviar Color an iconic collection for LAGOS?

A: If I look back at the 15 first pieces I designed for LAGOS, there was a ring that was a “prequel” to the Caviar Color collection. It was a cabochon cut, very art deco inspired. When I started the brand almost 40 years ago, we got quickly known for bold colors. That’s what makes Caviar Color so iconic for the brand. I have been working with different cut and different colors for all these years —-the common point is how bold I like our semi precious color collections to be.

Q: It is never easy to redesign an iconic collection…. How did you approach this challenge?

A: At this point of my career, I spend a lot of time “decomposing” a design. I look at the smallest parts and consider carefully all angles. I want a ring to look great not only from the top view but also on the side. I wanted to make this new Caviar Color design more complete than ever. Very branded with the refinement of gold Caviar beads, I designed it so it looks substantial, big –  feel it, there is a weight to it – but also comfortable.

Q: Can you discuss the role Caviar Color plays in the LAGOS portfolio?

A: It is a classic. Women will tell me: “oh I will never wear it, it is too bold, too colorful and then it becomes their everyday bracelet or ring.”

Q: Not just any gemstones can be a LAGOS gemstone…what are the requirements?

A: At LAGOS we only use the top 2, 3% of the gemstones production you can find in the world. The rest is not right for the quality and the style of our jewelry. It is an expert’s business. Our criteria are multiple: the size, the color saturation… That jewel quality is what I look for above anything else.

Q: What do you like about the cabochon cut? Why did you pick it for the seasonal edition?

A: The cabochon cut is very interesting, it pops out because of its dimension not because of the facets, there are actually dozen ways to cut it. – It is not as facetted as the cushion cut. It is less about the sparkle, more about the color. It is a softer approach.

Q: LAGOS recently launched Black Caviar and now the brand is reinventing another brand icon  – you often say that you want LAGOS to be a lifestyle brand? What do you mean by a lifestyle brand?

A: We make jewelry that you can put on and wear every day of your life. We literally are a lifestyle brand. You can live your jewelry life in LAGOS.


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Steven Lagos Discusses Fall



Steven Lagos launched the LAGOS brand over 30 years ago with a vision of jewelry that could be timeless and elegant, yet at the same time modern and bold – just like the ultimate LAGOS woman. But who exactly is she? Read our Q&A with the designer and find out:

Q: What inspired you to launch LAGOS?

A: I wanted to create a brand centered around jewelry as an art form, and that’s exactly what LAGOS is. It’s design-focused yet timeless and elegant, like fine jewelry should be. I also wanted to create a brand of jewelry that women could buy for themselves to celebrate their own vision of femininity and modernism. I want to empower women to create their signature style – jewelry that is not just for events or occasions but jewelry that would become indispensable.

Q: You speak about the LAGOS woman. Who is she?

A: She is strong and independent, yet feminine and alluring. She represents the complexity and sophistication that make women so beautiful and inspiring to me. She is well traveled, particular in her tastes and has a deep intrinsic love for beautiful objects and jewelry.

Q: What inspires you?

A: The sights and sounds of the world. My travels throughout Asia and Europe. And there are people I meet daily. Iconic women of our time. Inspiration is a flow of energy, it’s hard to predict. I don’t sit in front of a beautiful view and suddenly have a vision for a new collection. Sometimes inspiration can come from something unknowing or a challenge in my daily routine.

Most of all I am inspired by the LAGOS woman. The customer who has been wearing LAGOS for years and the woman who does not know the brand yet – I like to think about both – how I can surprise them & help them be even more beautiful and confident than they already are.


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The Art of Caviar



Our commitment to detail is best showcased in our signature design—Caviar. The luminous Caviar beading brings texture to sterling silver and 18k gold, transforming these precious metals into iconic jewelry that is as captivating as it is wearable.

It takes hundreds of steps, and a keen eye, to complete a single Caviar creation.  The process always begins with a hand-drawn sketch by Steven Lagos, whose belief is that every piece of jewelry is as bold as the woman who wears it.


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