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LAGOS is handcrafted with a particular woman in mind. She radiates with grace, poise and effortless beauty. Her unique blend of strength and sophistication conveys a bold femininity. She remains true to herself and has the confidence to create her own signature look. The ease with which she personalizes her jewelry says it all: MY LAGOS MY WAY.


The Unmistakable LAGOS Signature

Our commitment to detail is best showcased in our signature design—Caviar.

The luminous caviar-like beading brings luxurious texture to sterling silver and 18k gold, transforming these precious metals into iconic jewelry that is as captivating as it is wearable.

It takes hundreds of steps, and a keen eye, to complete a single caviar creation.

The process always begins with a hand-drawn sketch by Steven Lagos, whose belief is that every piece of jewelry is as bold as the woman who will wear it.

Signature Caviar


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Steven Lagos

World Traveler, Creative Mind, Energetic Spirit

Emerging from his belief that jewelry is one of the most personal, significant forms of art, Steven Lagos set out on his own and started LAGOS in 1977. As a designer, his vision of the LAGOS woman, her timeless elegance, her integrity and her sensuality influence many of the collections.

Sights and sounds forever inspire him; most of which are captured from his frequent travels to Asia and Europe. Steven Lagos' vision goes beyond product development and permeates the entire organization of LAGOS, making the customer at the core of the company culture.


Our Defining Values Are Integrity, Strength & Smart

The LAGOS defining values are integrity, strength and smart. This is the origin of who we are, and most importantly of what we do.

We make strong jewelry of understated lasting power, that transcends generations and the phases we go through in life.

Our ultimate goal is to be your most trusted jewelry and your most personal treasure.

We strive to deliver outstanding customer service wherever you are and by whatever means you choose to communicate.

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The Crest

Emblematic Craftsmanship

Our emblazon crest embodies a relentless desire to create superior jewelry, a designer that is personally intimate with all details of his work, and above all it represents a commitment tailored to your individual style. More than an attractive accent, the crest signifies the true integrity of each piece it adorns.

Within the design of the crest are subtle reminders of Steven Lagos' Greek origins. A gable surmounting the façade of Grecian buildings frames the LAGOS 'L'. Signature details of the brand are also within the crest, like the Caviar beading found in the dotted half circle or the fluting in the decorative volutes.


An Immediate Object of Desire

More unique than black, more sophisticated than purple. Understated and memorable.

Combining the timeless and minimalist aspects of black with the refined luxury of purple, this distinctive color makes our jewelry box an immediate object of desire.